Tomislav Jelić and Marko Sladoljev

Mostar candidate for mayor of Zagreb, Marko Sladovljev, announces that if he wins in the upcoming local elections, he will launch a free school instruction project, and at a press conference on Monday, where Mostov's program of social activities was presented, he emphasized that he would not abolish acquired social rights the citizen, conveyed by Hina.

Now that he wins elections in Zagreb, he will not abolish acquired social rights to citizens such as, for example, a free textbook or parent parent education project, he said Marko Sladoljev pointing out that these rights were not given to anybody, but the citizens themselves paid them through the cliff.

He announced that he would initially launch a free instruction project for all elementary and high school children in the city's own space, which now, as he said, only uses politicians.

He cites the example of Tresnjevka south, which "has 3000 meters of squares in which politicians meet, and that space we finally open to citizens or children".

Retired professors and students, explains Sladoljev, would keep free instructions in these areas, and in turn, let the city free the payment of the show or get some other benefit.

Candidate for Deputy Mayor Nedjeljko Marković emphasizes that the Bridge is committed to further strengthening of social rights, but also to the detailed analysis of all existing measures.

It announces the introduction of the "Zagreb Box for Newborns" in the amount of three thousand kuna, which is on the annual level of 27 million kuna, and for every older person who has been waiting for more than a year to accommodate the home of the "voucher". "We believe that all of them are eligible for housing, and the city administration is obliged to provide them with themselves or with other service providers," he said.

He also says that it is no longer likely to happen that any kind of social measure is brought without a detailed analysis of its effectiveness. One of them, he says, is a parent educator - who costs 125 million, without knowing what these families will be doing for 10 to 15 years.

In the planning of Zagreb's social needs, the Bridge would give the Bridge to the councils of the city districts, and Markovic will announce the introduction of the "Zagreb Model of Counseling" in order to prevent any public urban policy from being implemented without the citizens participating in its design.

She wants to set up the "Zagreb School of Good Governance" because, she says, they believe that all the directors of public institutions must undergo basic education of institutions management and communication with users and the public. The foundation and foundation of the "Zagreb Foundation for the Development of Civil Society" is being celebrated, because there are 12 thousands of associations in the city that, say, "can give more."

Candidate for the Zagreb Assembly Aida Mujkić i Antonela Konjevod presented Mostov's health and education program, and the candidate for the Assembly and retired officer Vlado Marić presented a program for defenders.

Mujkić, among other things, points out the necessity of strengthening the role of health care homes, Konjevod needs to extend extended living in elementary school and 3. and 4. and Marić is committed to the opening of the Homeland War information center and its positioning on the tourist map of Zagreb in cooperation with the Tourist Board. It also emphasizes the need to set a central memorial for all killed Homeland War veterans as well as that they exist in all 17 city districts.