With the journalist and manager of N1 Television, Sanjin Španović, we briefly proanalised local elections in Zagreb, scheduled for only a few days. Will Bandic be overthrown from the throne from which he has not been up for 16 years, who could win him, who would all go to the Assembly, and who would be coalition with us, are we awaiting the early Zagreb elections ?!

Who will be in the second round of mayoral elections, and who will win?

I think Milan Bandic is sure to enter the second round, and one of the two women, Anka Mrak Taritaš or Sandra Švaljek, will enter the second round. And then we will see further in the next two weeks how the charts will come about giving support, calling their voters around voting for someone and the like.

What are the prospects of Mrak Taritaš, and what kind of Švaljek to beat Bandic in the second round?

Both have great chances, Bandic has never had better and more qualified counter-candidates, and it is crucial that the one who gets the chance to win in the second round gets the same night or morning after public support from the second-round candidate. Much depends on the result of the first round and then what is crucial to me, as well as on the creation of the Zagreb-based referendum atmosphere. If the one in the second round convinces the public that Bandic is past and exasperated, then he can prepare a victorious speech. If Bandic in the first round records some convincing advantage over another person, I'm afraid the citizens will be discouraged.

Bruna Esih, will this race be better than Prgometa and how does Hasanbegović help (or does not help)?

I think she as a candidate for the mayor will achieve a better result than Prgometa, but also that the HDZ list will achieve a much better result than her. Namely, HDZ voters continue to vote in large numbers for the HDZ list, but at the same time Bandic, and also for Essi. Prgomet is lost on an absolute number of votes, while those who vote for Bandic or the Bruno Esih list choose this person for the mayor or mayor. Hasanbegović certainly helps Bruno Esih, after all, is in the end of the campaign in the media and because of his process of going out on the list and breaking with the HDZ and that attention certainly helps.

Battle for the Assembly, predictions? There are plenty of lists, who will come in, how many mandates?

Much will depend on Dhont, but it is certain that there will be at least five lists, the coalition SDP and HNS, Bandic's list, HDZs, HSLS with Svaljek and Bruno Esih. They are still in my fight to cross the Bridge Bridge, Live Wall and Platform Zagreb is ours. It is not impossible for me to have all these three remaining options come to the Assembly. Mandates are difficult to predict and that would be a bit of a gossip.

Coalitions in the Assembly, who would be with whom to lie, although all the kings will not with this or that?

Everyone can always do it with everyone, it has taught us the past. Coalitions and the creation of many will depend on the results of the first round of elections and who will enter the second round.

Are Zagreb's premature elections possible if things do not work?

It all depends on the HDZ, in fact, on how they will be placed in the doctrine of political stability, but also on how many options enter the Assembly, in which proportion of the mandate. It is not impossible for a year to have new elections due to the fall of the Budget.

On Facebook you wrote that Bandic must leave for you. Why?

This is my personal attitude, I think after the 16 years of the city's stewardship the time has come to change the leadership of the city and to change the band around Bandic, together with them, to some other and give the opportunity to move the city to the other direction of development will have a head and tail and will not be the fruit of any agreement behind the closed doors for which USKOK's subsequent investigation, or the purchase of social peace and votes for some other, parliamentary, presidential or perhaps tomorrow's European elections. This does not mean that the one who eventually comes for Milan will not be subjected to criticism and constant public and media pressure, on the contrary. Likewise, I do not want my town to run a mayor who will spend more time in trials for the corruption that follows, than on the development of the city and the projects in it.