On Thursday, the European Parliament voted in urgent procedure for a plan to distribute 120.000 refugees to member states, which will be discussed by the interior ministers next Tuesday.

The European Parliament has only a consultative role in this matter and this vote is a means of pressure on member states to accept the European Commission 120.000 Refugee Distribution Plan, which is in Italy, Greece and Hungary.

The vote in Parliament was immediately welcomed by the European Commission.

"Today, the European Parliament has made an important step in voting for the Commission's proposal to redeploy 120.000 people from Italy, Greece and Hungary who need international protection," the Commission's statement said.

"It is now open for the EU Council to accept the proposal. We urge Member States to take the necessary decisions at the extraordinary meeting of Interior Ministers 22. September, "the Commission adds.

Interior ministers at their last meeting last week failed to agree on the Commission's proposal.