Dean Golubić

The Croatian Christian Democratic Union, together with its coalition partners, the Croatian Democratic Party, the Movement together and the United Law of Law, presented a joint list for the Zagreb City Assembly as well as the electoral program for Zagreb, where Dean Golubić, President of the HKDU, the goal is to turn Zagreb into a profitable company that will employ citizens, Hina reports.

The 10 List, called "The Power of Change", is composed of young people who want change and people with experience and knowledge, and our goal is to turn the Zagreb Holding into a profitable company from which the city budget will be funded, he said Dean Golubić.

- Nine billion of the city budget is necessarily fairer to redistribute, and at least one billion kuna should be allocated for job creation and employment of citizens - he stressed Karino Hromin Sturm, President of the Movement together.

Sturm claims to have a specific program for launching industrial production, foundry and plant machinery, for which 500 million kuna should be allocated from the city budget, and that it already has orders of 1,5 billions of kuna. In addition, an IT institute needs to be opened urgently and hire young computers.

Among the ten points of the program is also the reduction of the 5 percentages, the reduction of communal fees for the 25 percent, the new model of city property management in the function of employment and the creation of new housing, and the ban on Zagreb's new borrowing.

Focus on children's programs

In the focus of the program list number 10 are children - promises to enroll in kindergartens for every child, free textbooks, warm meal and sport activities, and for those with an average rating over 4 free transportation and financing part of the cost of driving a driver's exam.

They say they will take care of the most vulnerable population, such as veterans and the elderly, and promise the cultures to provide space for their activities.

"Our basic motto is to care for our fellow citizens, for our families," said Smiljana Škugor Hrnčević, the other on the list, adding that she would not finance any project or association that does not encourage families. He announced support for the event "The Way to Life", to be held on Saturday, 20. May.

Golubić also commented on the current political situation in the country announced on Friday, 19. May, the demonstration set "Strength of Change" to request the current dissolution of the Croatian Parliament and the announcement of new parliamentary elections, given that there is no parliamentary majority in the Croatian Parliament.

- Croatia is more than ever needed national unity, we need urgent and rapid changes that this inefficient parliamentary system can not be implemented - Golubic said, braving to change the parliamentary political system in the presidency.

He added that the protest would require nationalization of Agrokor and Croatian banks, as foreign capital would not control Croatia.