Milan Bandic

A few days before the local elections, by accident or not, Milan Bandic announced a measure which, he believes, will facilitate the life of socially endangered residents of Zagreb. He therefore called on all Zagrepčani who are in financial trouble and who are being prosecuted for failing to pay for utilities, to file a request for deferral of payment, payment by installment, termination of late interest or the dismissal of part of the legal costs of the proceedings.

- It is the human, social, solidarity and responsibility, the continuity of responsible, solidarity and social justice of the City of Zagreb - the mayor pointed out Milan Bandic announcing a new-old measure and rejecting the inspiration that it was a pre-election move.

Claims for deferral of payments, payment of installments and cancellation of the interest rates for water, gas and garbage collection charges as well as the discharge of part of the costs of the proceedings may be filed by citizens domiciled in Zagreb against whom the enforcement proceedings have been initiated or terminated due to non-payment of the accounts, the net monthly income per household member in the last three months is equal to or less than the 2200 kuna or the beneficiaries of the right to a guaranteed minimum remuneration. Citizens with low incomes may also partially or fully release communal fees for the current year under slightly different conditions.

Though he claims that he has not spent any of the lilies in the current part of the local elections campaign and that he has not received any donations from either physical or legal persons, his paid budget for the mentioned measure from the City Budget can be seen in almost all daily newspapers. It is supposedly just wanting more people to find out for a new measure, but it does not call them subtlely to vote for him if they do not intend to do so.

But Bandic had similar measures earlier. Almost every year, for various reasons, someone forgives debt or makes it easier for them to repay.

In the second half of last year, ahead of the extraordinary parliamentary elections, Bandić has forgiven the debts for renting business premises and public city areas, renting apartments, cash debts and receivables from their own business income.

In the first polycam 2015. The city, and later the Holding, also forgave the debt to the citizens. It was part of government measures Zoran Milanovic to mitigate the crisis, and during 2013. the tax debt was levied on citizens, the debt for communal contribution, the communal fee and the monumental rent.

He forgot the debts of Bandic and during 2012. year, also within the measure of then Milanovic's Cabinet. He promised, then, that the citizens would have to pay off the interest-bearing debt if the claimant paid the debt principal.