As a campaign leader, Sandri Švaljek did not even need enemies or rivals at all. If this Sunday does not enter the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb it can only thank Darina Kosor.

He pointed out who knows which times it does not have that political organization or candidate to whom he can not curb political popularity and credibility at the lowest possible range.

HSLS, a formerly a respected political party and long-time third in power in Croatia, does not appear in the polls for several years, but its place on the political map of Croatia lies in the "Other" section, where all political parties that conquer less than one percent voter support.

HSLS has, since taking part in that party, at the national level, nor dares to go out to the polls alone, but to satisfy one or two seats on their HDZ lists.

In the last elections for Zagreb, HSLSs, along with the HSSs behind the candidacy of independent Vladimir Ferdžija, were hiding and worn exclusively by his personal popularity, who had entered the City Assembly. Although Ferdagi in the elections has played as a harsh opposition to Milan Bandic, "his" HSLS and HSS members immediately became the most prolific coalition partners Milan Bandic after the election. For his support, Kosor has been rewarded as the vice-mayor of the Assembly and all the benefits that go with it.

That recipe Kosor decided to repeat for these elections as well. Only this time he decided to hide behind Sandre Švaljek's back. But even though Croatian and Zagreb voters sometimes have a short memory, they do not have a complete amnesia.

Zagreb voters particularly hate political sales and betray. And they are punished. HSS has never recovered in this city due to the betrayal that two of his exiles had done twenty years ago when they issued the opposition in that time and sold their voices to Franjo Tudjman.

So is Darink Kosor. He may have won the chair of the Assembly for a short while but has lost confidence in Zagrepcana without any loss. What have also shown preferential votes in parliamentary elections where the president of the Assembly and a party in his town received a shameful amount of votes.

This was also known by political opponents Sandra Švaljek, so it was no wonder that they put most energy in proving voters that she was not an independent candidate but a covert candidate of HSLS.

The whistle of such attacks could laugh and could resist them until he presented his list to the Assembly. Where Kosor holds a high fourth place, and almost half of the likely seats for the Assembly belong to his HSLS.

So, Sandra Švaljek is represented by a representative club at the City Assembly, which would not give Zagrepcani a single vote. And as HSLS's are mostly men, they have succeeded in getting her even forced to quench a forced woman's quota.

So much male selfishness in a party called the liberal and socially sensitive is truly unseen.

This list, which dominates HSLS's husbands, may have destroyed the chances of becoming the Mayor of Zagreb, unfortunately, irreversibly. So, at least, suggests the latest relevant survey released by Nova TV today. And she was the main favorite of last year's polls, while the Zagrebers did not know and dreamed that she was so close to Kosor.

She was much more popular while she was running her campaign, no matter what the campaign was at first and amateur and ridiculous, while you did not take the "experienced" political bullet Darinka for the campaign head. Kosor might be good at negotiating and trading with other political leaders and large national media, but he does not know or even do anything to stir sympathy among voters.

The whistle overestimated his experience and goodwill and underestimated his unpopularity and the odious voice he enjoys among the citizens. And, as if his unpopularity was not enough, Svaljek accepted the support of Croatian Conservatives and Ruza Tomasic to his persuasion.

It's almost the same as if someone was in the 1946 elections in Zagreb. called for Ante Pavelic's support. What did Sandra Svaljek mean to her conservatives can bring? I certainly can not bring her in the first round of Bruno Esih's voters, but they can and may have moved away from many center and left voters. By presenting his list and supporting parties he lost in the month and a few days a quarter of all his votes.

With such allies and support the enemies do not really need it.

Even from Dražen Budiša at the presidential election, no one has destroyed himself so much in his own campaign as Sandra Švaljek did, or the head of her campaign, Darinko Kosor. Even the question is whether Kosor wants the Svaljek to win or deliberately mined the campaign? It is so much that he once again enters the Assembly with a sufficient number of deputies to be able to trade with Bandic again, and that she is persuaded to lose in that postmodern trade no longer bothered.

Although this survey shows that Sandra Švaljek has minimal chances to enter the second round, that same survey shows that Sandra Švaljek is far ahead of Milan Bandic in that second round. That is, she is a sure winner in this round of polls. While Anka Mrak Taritaš against Bandic is likely to lose. That is why Bandic can begin his new mandate in the first round if Sandra Švaljek finished in the third.

Portal does not give up support from Sandri Švaljek. We think, and this is what this poll shows, as the only one certainly wins Milan Bandic. And Bandic and his associates have time to rest. What Prgomet would say, they deserve it. Let them live their lives and return them to the Zagrepčani.

That is why vote Sunday for Sandra Svaljek if you care about the change. But do not vote for her list. If you want to change in the City Assembly and not just at the Head of the Management, then vote for the list of Bruno Esih, the Bridge or the list Zagreb is ours, depending on what your ideological preferences are like.

If Kosor did not so much owe Sandra Svaljek that she was ready to sacrifice her victory and political future, she certainly did not owe us either to us or to you citizens. So vote for her, but not for him.

Save her from it. Her wish is to be a mayor, not a city representative. And since he chooses his associates, it is perhaps even better not to control anyone at the Assembly. But the Assembly is controlling it.

In the interest of all of us citizens who are rich enough. The landlord.