Bruna Esih

According to the New TV poll published yesterday, Bruno Esih has retained the fourth position in the Mayor's election in the City of Zagreb following Milan Bandic, Anke Mrak Taritaš and Sandre Švaljek, but claims it does not bother. Although the result is good, he says that the only real poll will be held on Sunday, in the elections.

Only a few days left to choose, what are the last moves, promises to Zagreb and Zagreb?

There are no recent but consistent moves, namely from the first to the last day of the campaign, as well as the time ahead of the campaign itself, in every opportunity I am with the people, listening to their thoughts, remarks and tips. My promise is I will not let them down. I do not calculate and know what is expected of me - to remain credible.

Surveys give you a good result, according to the latest release on New TV you are still ranked fourth in number of votes, what are your expectations?

Good result, I'm convinced, has already been achieved. The support I gain from the people I experience as the greatest victory. Surveys do not bother me, most of them are perceived as a kind of way for the voters to be discouraged, and only the outbreak of elections can give the actual outcome of the election. Unlike others, I do not underestimate voters.

What are the expectations of the City Assembly elections?

Knowing the current state of affairs, the entry into the Assembly will be a success, and the greater the number of MPs from my list, the maneuvering space for political traders after the election is narrower.

Who would you be able to coalition with, and who would not be safe?

It is very clear that we can not coalesce with SDP and HNS. But regardless of media structures, my or our candidacy is a source of dissatisfaction with the existing governance structure, and it would be totally unnatural and unbelievable to support what we are fighting for.

If HDZ supports Bandic, will it encourage you to support it or will it even more strongly reject you from that possible coalition?

I think I answered that very question.

Once you find out that Zlatko Haasanbegović in your team and after giving you public support, there are two texts on one daily list, one on you or against you, and the other against Hasanbegović, how do you comment on the obvious bias of certain media?

There are a few ridiculous constructions in which every personal or political act of merit is attributed to all the people I have never had anything to do with. As far as Zlatko Hasanbegovic is concerned, it is also an inexcusable article by authors who wish to point out that he has never been in HDZ, when it is quite apparent that he, with the highest number of HDZ members, was elected to the Presidency of the party. Therefore, this is the case for unchallenged attempts of political discredit, because of the fear that there are political actors who can not be controlled and blackmailed.

Bruna Esih

And for the end, messengers?

The voters now have the real choice. No longer have to vote for less evil or vote on party stalemate. I am convinced that they have already recognized who guarantees the necessary and true change for our Zagreb.