For a few days local elections are scheduled. Something behind the 19 hours on Sunday we will know who would be able to govern Zagreb for the next four years (if not the early elections in Zagreb caused by the budget deficit). According to the latest survey by the Ipsos agency, announced on Tuesday by Nova TV, Milan Bandic should be screened for the fifth time at the forefront of the metropolis. According to that poll, Bandic in the second round, with a slight advantage, defeats his main counter-candidate, Anka Mrak Taritaš.

According to the aforementioned Ipsos agency survey, Milan Bandic in the first round wins 24,9 percent voter votes, candidate of HNS, SDP and other coalition parties Anka Mrak Taritaš wins 24,7 percent, and an independent candidate supported by HSLS and HKS Sandra Švaljek 16, 7 place. The fourth is independent Bruna Esih with 8,3 a percentage of voter support, followed by HDZs Drago Prgomet with 5,8 percent, a representative of the coalition We Change Croatia and the Living Wall Ivan Lovrinović with 4,3 post, Mostov Marko Sladoljev with 2,9 as well as a left-wing coalition representative led by Zagreb's platform Tomislav Tomašević with 1,8 position.

Interestingly, most candidates recorded a drop in voters' support compared to the survey published in March. Only Milan Bandić and Marko Sladoljev achieved better results, while Ivan Lovrinović was not a mayoral candidate Ivan Pernar.

In the second round, Bandic wins with a mild precedence over Ankom Mrak Taritaš ?!

In the second round, Milan Bandic and Anka Mrak Taritaš enter, where current mayor HNS challenger wins 44,8 percent versus 44,3 percent support of voters, predicts agency Ipsos based on a survey conducted on a sample of 1002 senior citizen of Zagreb.

If in the second round with Bandic came Sandra Švaljek, it is almost certain that she will become the new mayor of Zagreb. Namely, that such a scenario would happen would have won 50,7 percent of Zagrepcan votes versus 39,9 as the current mayor Bandic.

According to the Ipsos poll, most of the mandates at the City Assembly are won by a coalition led by HNS and SDP. Following are the HDZ and Bandic list, the list of Sandra Švaljek, Živog zid and their partner, Brune Esih and platform Zagreb is ours. Others, including the Bridge, do not cross the threshold.

Candidates Expectations

We talked with the key candidates of the Zagreb elections, who all say that the right polls will be conducted on Sunday.

- The change is near and victory is at your fingertips, but we all have to work together and make a choice to create a referendum atmosphere. I'm happy, but I'm not euphoric. We have created the opportunity for change, and now it is up to us all to use it - she said Further HNS and SDP candidates for the Zagreb mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš.

Sandra Švaljek did not want to comment. Everyone, they told us from her headquarters, say tonight at their final meeting. He was therefore confident that he was closely linked to Milan Bandic and a candidate for his replacement, Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic.

"In recent weeks, we have witnessed more polls conducted by different television and agencies. The results are very different, both among the media houses and among the polling agencies, so it is very unfortunate to comment on them. We expect a good election result, by the way, an excellent election result. We believe that through this campaign we have shown that we are really serious people who have been developing the City of Zagreb over the years in a positive direction, so that our projects that we have already started announce the further development of Zagreb. These are major development projects, from façades to rail links to the city center and the airport - she said Further candidate for Bandic's deputy Jelena Pavičić Vukičević.

As for the election of the City Assembly, Jelena Pavičić Vukičević hopes that Bandic's list will repeat the result from 2013 and may even exceed it. Let's remind, four years ago, Milan Bandic got the 17 mandate in the Assembly, more than any other list. However, the SDP, HNS and HSU had the 17 mandate, but the HSUs then crossed to Bandic, and HNS was not with the SDP in the club of deputies.

- When we were already in the Nove TV poll, Major Bandic's counter-candidate collected 6 or 7 thousands of signatures of support, we collected 67 thousands of signatures. So, that's the same thing, it's about the organization of our party, about the seriousness of getting to work. We are approaching all this seriously, and also gathering support signatures. Some candidates came with only 5 and a few thousand signatures, just to satisfy the form, and we tested our strength in this way and we consider it one of the main pre-election activities - added Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic.

- Good result, I'm convinced, has already been achieved. The support I gain from the people I experience as the greatest victory. Surveys do not bother me, most of them are perceived as a kind of way for the voters to be discouraged, and only the outbreak of elections can give the actual outcome of the election. Unlike others, I do not underestimate voters - she said Further independent Bruna Esih, which would have been able to achieve a solid result in Zagreb even though it was involved in the election race with a fairly late and small team of people.

Unfortunately, we could not come to Drage Prgomet, but that is why we came to Mladen's and Tomas Tomasevic's, who, despite the fact that they are weak in the results of the polls, do not dare say it.

"Surveys are certainly to enter the City Assembly, we have an upward trend, it is important for us to have an upward trend, and when we enter the City Assembly, we will not be like other candidates. This is what Anka Mrak Taritaš and Sandra Švaljek said, that this is a story for them, this story is not over yet, we think we still work at the City Assembly, detect irregularities, point to them, and I say, this is about the election for Mayor, Dinam fans have the slogan "No Surrender", so I say - there is no assignment - was categorical Mostov's mayoral candidate Marko Sladoljev.

"What's good news is that we are entering the Assembly of the City of Zagreb as a party coalition. It should also be said that we have grown incredibly in just one month and a half since the last survey and we expect an even better result for the Assembly than the survey shows - he said briefly Tomislav Tomašević in the portal talk Further.

Recall, local elections are held on Sunday, 21. May while the second round is scheduled for two weeks thereafter, on Sunday, 4. June. Engaged people can choose between 10 candidate for Mayor and even 21. lists for the City Assembly. Biralište opens on Sunday at 7 hours and will be open until 19 hours.