Mayor of Zagreb Mayor Sandra Švaljek invited citizens on Wednesday to give her a voice in the first round of recent elections, as each other candidate, except for her, will be lost in the second round of Milan's current mayor, Milan Bandic, to Hina.

- I want to take off my gloves and clearly say there are chances for Zagreb. All polls show that I can only beat Milan Bandic, and if any other candidate with him enter the second round, he wins, "said Švaljek at his final election campaign at Zagreb's Cvjetni Square.

- Only the voice for me is a true voice for change, and everyone who is willing to make a win in the second round will do so in the first, because in the second round, unfortunately, it will be too late, not for me, but for Zagreb - she added .

Presenting his team, Svaljek said that it all links the desire to Zagreb "finally having a good, honest, wise and good-natured mayor and city administration".

"I do not feel comfortable when I say words that may sound like self-indulgence or self-promotion, but I'm just saying that Zagreb should not be sentenced to Milan Bandic," she said.

He called on citizens to vote for change if they wanted to prevent Zagreb from leaving young, capable, honest and high quality people who did not see a chance here for their success and if they wanted to stop the further decline of the city and if they wanted all parts of the city to have the basic right to water supply and sewerage or if they want enough kindergartens and schools with quality nutrition for children.

The Zagreb holding could become a new Agrokor

Her election to the mayor, she continued, prevented the city from "catering for clientelism and division of the spoils", that the teens in kindergartens and employees in the City Administration and the Zagreb Holding were constantly exposed to mobing, terror, blackmail and threats, that citizens were victims of the wrong dividing city money, sharing "small grace" among pensioners, and that Zagreb Holding will not become Agrokor tomorrow.

"We all share the desire to change today, and as such we are threatened and threatened," said Švaljek, adding that media has recently been trying to discredit and question their morality and expertise by linking with various authorities, even Milan Bandic, and to question her independence.

Svaljek says he is aware that there is a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration in today's Zagreb, unhappy people, and that only clientelism, nepotism and division of political prey are spread in him.

The meeting that filled the Flower Square was held under the title "Traveling Through the Zagreb of the Future", and the citizens had a playground for children, concert performances by Trio Cristosomo and Jasne Bilušić, dance performances and art workshops.