Davor Gjenero

We analyzed the pre-election political situation in Zagreb with political analyst Davor Gjener. It will be tense, but as the last major survey by the Ipsos agency, it is believed that the current mayor Milan Bandic will win. But the question is, he says, will his power succeed in holding four years.

Who will win in the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb?

It is certain that Milan Bandic will be in the second round, not sure who will be with him. Ninety percent is likely to be Anka Mrak Tarritaš who had a much larger media space at the end of the campaign, far more visibility than Sandra Švaljek, which led to the chances of Mrs Svaljek's fall and Mrs. Mrak Taritaš grew up.

Polls say that only Sandra Švaljek can win in the second round, but not to enter it already Anka Mrak Taritaš?

The difference between the two candidates, Mrs Macka Tarek, a candidate for the center, and Mrs. Mrak Taritaš, a candidate for the left center, is in a potential hunting ground in the second round. The difference is that Svaljek would surely be the winner of the second round, and Mrak Taritaš has very little chance of winning Bandic in the second round. Mrs. Švaljek can also gather voters of right center and voters of the center and voters of the left center against Bandic while Mrs. Mrak Taritaš can mostly count on those same voices she will collect in the first round. If Mrs. Mrak Taritaš was in the second round, then the second round elections would be significantly smaller than Mrs Švaljek's second round candidate. Voters who would vote for Mrs Svaljek from the right center and center, they will not vote for Bandic, but they will not vote for Mrs. Mrak Taritaš as well, but will decide on electoral abstention. Otherwise, the rule is that abstinence in the second round is greater than in the first one, ie that the output in the second round is smaller than the first one.

Everyone falls in popularity, except for Bandic and Sladoljev, and also Tomasevic, how do you comment on it?

People are saturated with elections and politics, people are looking for a kind of political stability, and this overlap with three things - the crisis triggered by Agrokor with the government crisis and local elections - will certainly have a negative impact on the turnout of local elections.

It will also be interesting in the future convocation of the Assembly. What do you expect the event to be, how will most of you look, will someone at all succeed in "skiping"?

It will be difficult. If Bandić wins in the election, especially if he wins with a relatively modest majority, there will be a lot of political organizations that will be in the interest of not creating the majority of the assembly and possibly power falling, if not the first, then the second budget. In any case, the situation in the City Assembly will be very tense in the mandate given.