Drago Prgomet and Andrija Mikulić

HDZ candidate for Zagreb mayor Drago Prgomet said that from a correct interview, given by N1 television, complete falsehoods and lies were reported about him and his family trying to exploit his politically unkind viewers and said he would be "political and moral zero "when using the Bharajur tragedy for political purposes, Hin reports.

A journalist's part was portrayed as part of an interview from which the statement that his father had been misguided, and not the rags, disappeared on the crossroads, and there was a mistake in transcription. He repeated that he would be "the last political and moral zero to use the sacrifice of his own parent, his own family and the Croatian people for political purposes".

"Everyone who knows me well knows that I've never bargained with any of their victims and I have always invoked their political dissenters to come out of the trenches that our ancestors dug. I have never wanted to use any tragedy, and least of my family to get a political point, support or probability, "Prgomet said.

He stressed that his political program is always clear and facing the future. The programs and projects that we represented in the local election campaign were solely related to a better life for citizens - from transport, hospital construction and school to kindergarten, said Prgomet.

Using a tragedy is not fair and correct

People who do not have programs deal with the past, that is their political agenda, and I call on citizens of Zagreb to come to the elections and choose people who are dealing with the future, and those who deal with the past send them where they belong - he said in the past.

On the journalist question, do you think that those who use Bleiburg for their political promotion of "political and moral nuisance" Prgomet responded positively.

- To use the tragedies not only of Bleiburg, but any tragedy and what belongs to the whole of the Croatian being and about which there should be a consensus of all political parties, is not fair and correct - said Prgomet, adding that he believes that citizens will recognize it.

Questioned by a member of the HDZ Presidency member Davor Ivo Stier that after the break-up of the coalition with the Bridge had to go to new elections, Prgomet replied that it was bad for everyone to repeat the same. Stier has said what he said to the Presidency, but he was behind the decision of the Presidency to negotiate with political partners about the creation of the government, and if it fails to go to new elections, he added.

Answering the question of whether he was sorry for the break-up of the coalition with the Bridge, Prgomet said he was not sorry, because "you can not act as a part of the government as part of the government". This did not work, and we were concerned about political stability, Prgomet emphasized.