The Croatian Red Cross (HCK) has dispensed all its supplies of water, food and hygiene supplies, which was reported by the State Commodity Stocks, which during the day will dispose of its supplies for refugees in Tovarnik, Ježevo Reception Center and Porin Hotel in Zagreb, said on Thursday, Hina's Executive Chairman of HCK Robert Markt.

"We have provided supply specifications for supplies and they will speed up the necessary procedures to get the items needed as soon as possible," Markt said.

He announced that during the HCK would define a list of 10 products that are currently needed for refugees and invite citizens to donate them to their capabilities.

"For this purpose, we will open the doors of all Red Cross societies across Croatia, and the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth will open these donations and the collection center at the Zagreb Fair," Markt said.

Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said on Thursday that the stock of commodity stocks is great.

"Quantities are certainly enough for the next few weeks and weeks, if we see that they are consumed, then we will get it fast. As it was in the floods - it did not blame then, not even now, "Vrdoljak said after the government session.