Davor Bernardić gave a brief interview for the portal Dalje after attending the final meeting of the HNS and SDP candidates for the Zagreb mayor, Anka Mrak Taritaš, the so-called "Mrak Party". Here's what he said ...

Expectations, polls show Milan Bandic's victory ?!

Well, Zagreb is my hometown, I love this city and always emotionally talk about it, and I think it can do much better, it can become a faster, more prosperous, cheaper city for life and that's why changes are needed. A candidate who can provide this is Anka Mrak Taritaš and hence together for change.

Polls do not give her a pass?

Surveys, I think Hillary is the president of the United States, Britain is still in the European Union, and the National Coalition in power.

That and Prgomet say !!

Here, that's it.

Assembly, with whom do you think to coalition, do the majority?

We will, as always, collide with the citizens, and when it comes to the election results, then we will see, the team at the Assembly will know to pull the right move.

And did you take the right move when you selected Anku Mrak Taritaš as a candidate?

Yes, we have taken the right move.

And why did not you have your candidate?

Because we are aware that a candidate for change can be one, the alternative can be one and everyone who wants to happen to the changes in Zagreb must be aware of it.

And what if the changes do not happen?

And what if and what if, and what if, if the hypothetical questions can not be answered, I think we have responded enough.