Krešimir Macan, photo: Ahmet Kalajdžić, source: Facebook

Local elections are scheduled on Sunday. In Zagreb, even 10 candidates are competing for the mayor, while 21 is battling for membership in the Assembly. list. The biggest chances, as far as mayoral races are concerned, are given to current mayor Milan Bandić and HNS Anka Mrak Taritaš. Following are Sandra Švaljek and Bruna Esih. The battle for the Assembly will be more interesting, especially when it will need to "skip" the majority. We all analyzed this with PR expert Krešimir Macan.

Who will be in the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb and who will win in it?

This is a question of all the issues these days in Zagreb, what the Americans would say, a million-dollar question. It is quite likely that Bandic and Mrak Taritaš will enter the second round - because they have such trends and have gone far beyond statistical errors. The 11 is unmarked, and in all of these surveys we always have a greater outflow than the one that is realized, so we have that variable - whose voters will ultimately make the elections. Only on Sundays, we will have some predictions for the second round, as we see the results of other candidates and lists. The locals have a chance to change, only the ones will realize it. Namely, they think that a change in the head of the city should come. They are convincing when asked about them in the polls, we'll see what they will show at the polls.

How will the story at the City Assembly - the one who goes in, who will gather the majority - and whether anyone can do that at all?

In the assembly, too, a list could be taken by Sandra Švaljek, that is, that most of it is formed with that block to which it is attached. It will be interesting to see how Zagreb will be our and the Living Wall, which could enter the Assembly, and Bruno Esih and Bridge. There are too many opposing interests, so most would be able to agree on opportunities, which might not be bad for Zagreb. Making the decision to return to the assembly benches.

Are Early Elections Possible in Zagreb?

Let's wait for the results on Sunday and the final result so we will see - if the majority of the assembly is dissatisfied with the mayor / mayor, it will probably go to his demise on the Budget and provoke new elections. Since we do not know what national policy is behind the local elections, we should wait for that breakthrough. I would not be surprised to have strange connections and connections at the national and local levels.

According to polls, almost all candidates have fallen in popularity. How do you interpret it?

See who grew up - Zagreb is ours, Bruno Esih and the smaller parties that could cross them over the threshold for the first time. Which indicates that some of the campaigns paid off and that they managed to consolidate. So it's no surprise that the kid then took some big lists and candidates. But again, it will all depend on who will go out on Sunday - in general, right-wing voters in the end have better results than the poll, but all this depends on motivation. Will it overtake it for change or else we'll see it on Sunday.

Bruna Esih and Drago Prgomet - who will be better in their personal duel?

Prgomet has a list that could take the 15 percentage that he set as the target and then the same list could pull it to make a better score than Brune. For the time being, in all the researches it has published on television, it was advantageous when it comes to preferences for the Mayor, but given that it will be much more important for them to pass the lists because it gives them an elective influence, I believe that success is primarily measured by the success of both lists. Although the entry into the Assembly of Brunei Esih list should be a great success for her. Because it is the ultimate option that has not gone to Zagreb so far.

And for the end, how do you rate the campaign of mayoral candidates, ie, parties and lists?

The first national campaign was overshadowed by the local at the beginning. Bandic then estimated that such a dead campaign was more appropriate, so the campaign was not really up to the 10 days before the elections. There is a clear shortage of money for most of the candidates because they obviously do not even have a little stronger social networking campaign. The same creative solutions are correct without any surprises. I hope they left and saved them for the second round.