Sandra Švaljek, photo: Slaven Janđel

Independent candidate for Zagreb mayor Sandra Švaljek, referring to the results of the latest polls, said that only she could win the current mayor Milan Bandic, while claiming that the vote for any other candidate was actually a vote for him, Hin reports.

- Citizens decide on their fate on Sunday. After the last polls, I can only beat Bandic. If there is any other candidate in the second round of elections, Milan Bandic wins - said Švaljek and added that her voice was a voice for change.

- The upcoming elections are not a choice between a 'more sympathetic' or 'more sympathetic' candidate. These elections are actually a referendum on which to decide 'to change' or 'to change'. To Milan Bandic or to change the present government. Zagreb has the right to decide whether it is for a modern, civilized and honest city or for a criminal city - concluded Švaljek.