Drago Prgometa "caught" him in the neighborhood, at the crossing of Tuškanova Street and the Knight of Ljudevit Posavski, with his co-workers. He agreed to a brief interview - we asked him about Sunday's expectations. It's optimistic. Expecting, says, the second round and most mandates at the City Assembly, and thus a much better result than Bruno Esih. Although the polls say the opposite, the suspicion of their credibility, which has been noted, has been shown several times, not only in Croatia.

An inescapable topic was also a picturesque description of the survey results - "To believe in polls, Hillary would be the president of the United States, Britain in the European Union, and Ivo Josipovic, the president of Croatia." In this way, Drago Prgomet and Davor Bernardić are talking about surveys, and it is unclear who is copying, that is, who is the original and who is a copy. Drago Prgomet, of course, says that this statement of Bernardic calls that he is traditionally late with political initiatives, while Bernardic argues that he has talked about surveys so far before 6 and also 9 months in the shows on New TV and N1 television.

You have commented on several times that Hillary was supposed to be the President of the United States, the United Kingdom in the European Union, and Ivo Josipović, the president of Croatia. That (almost) same yesterday (Thursday) said Davor Bernardi, commenting on the polls. Who cops it?

The lost wit is wise, with no horizons that it is over. My opinion polls have been the same for the past few years. I do not think that these surveys work badly in technical terms, but the fact is that we have had very big differences between the survey and the final results both in Croatia and in the United States as well as in Germany. You know that the HDZ was always on the polls and we got more from the citizens of Zagreb than the polls were talking about, but today is Friday, Sunday elections and then we all know who was right and who did not.

And how do you comment that the SDP president did exactly what he said, or did you say what he had said before?

Mr Bernardić has a problem because with political initiatives it is always late and this will probably mark his leadership of the SDP.

What do you expect from the election?

What we are talking about since the first day, as we are convinced, is the second round and the party with the highest number of seats in the City Assembly.

A lot of lists will come in, what do you expect from the Assembly?

You are well predicted, there will be a lot of lists, this will complicate the assembly's assembly, so we will talk about it from Monday onwards.

Will you with Milan Bandic in the Assembly, like the HDZ and so far with him in the coalition?

From Monday onwards, we will see what the results will be and who will have to support it, we will not prejudge the final results.

Will you be better than Bruno Esih?

If we believe in the second round and the strongest list, then I have already replied to you, with the candidate.

We remind you that yesterday (Thursday) evening for Further said SDP President Davor Bernardi ...