Local elections are scheduled on Sunday. The citizens will elect the mayor or the mayor, lists for the City Assembly, and the list for district councils and local committees. Mayor candidates are eight, while the list for the City Assembly is almost three times more - even 21.

- It is a matter of choice to see the will of the voters, or to show their choice to lead the municipality, city or county. All the electors are invited to come to the polls, the electoral bodies will be ready - it is in the call of the voters Ane Lovrin, Vice Presidents of the State Election Commission.

So the Zagreb citizens can choose between eight mayoral candidates. These are - Milan Bandic, Bruna Esih, Ivan Lovrinović, Anka Mrak Taritaš, Drago Prgomet, Marko Sladoljev, Sandra Švaljek i Tomislav Tomašević.

21 competes for joining the City Assembly. list, and according to surveys so far published in the Zagreb Parliament could be between five and even eight, which would make it difficult to form the majority.

The local elections can not be voted outside the place of residence, the preferential voice can not be used and no voting abroad.

The DIP also recalls that Croatian citizens with 18 years of residence are resident in the area of ​​the unit for whose bodies the elections are conducted.

- In these elections, voters can vote only at the polling station where they are enrolled in the voter list - says DIP Vice-President Ana Lovrin and adds that this means that, for example, a voter from Zagreb who is due to be found in Crikvenica on Sunday will not be able to vote there.

Among those who can choose and be elected representative bodies for the first time and 25 citizens of other EU member states.

- They have the right to choose and be elected to municipal and city councils and county assemblies in their area of ​​residence - explains Lovrin. However, I can not choose the executive power, therefore, mayors, mayors and counties.

Election members of national minorities elect the same general lists and candidates as all voters, and additionally have the right to elect the deputies of the municipal mayor, mayor or parish priest from the minority in the units where this right is determined in accordance with the law and the statute.

He reminded that Milan Bandić may have been in Zagreb, but he has given up the idea since the whole of Zagreb politics, its partners from HDZ through SDP and HNS opposition to various NGOs , veterans, and even minority members themselves.

Let's say the polls are open on Sunday (tomorrow) at 7 hours and will open until 19 hours.