Almost 550 thousands of voters or nearly 16 percent went on Sunday morning to local government elections, the daily information of the State Electoral Commission, conveyed by Hina.

The response is better than in the elections four years ago, now 72 thousands of voters have come out more, bearing in mind that four years ago the output ranged to 11 hours, today to 11,30 hours. Four years ago, 11, 13 percent, or 5 thousands of voters were replied to by 478 hours.

The largest response is Lika-Senj County (21, 9 percent), the smallest Požega-Slavonia (11,9 percent).

Among the cities, Gospić (24, 7 percent) is on the back of Velika Gorica, where 11, 30 hours were voted 13, 2 percent of voters.

15, 4 percent, or nearly 100 thousand voters, in Zagreb were voted in Split, 16, 3, or around 21 thousand, in Rijeka 13, 5, ie around 13.500, and in Osijek 14, 9 and 12 respectively. 300 voters.

The following DIP response data will be published in 17 hours, and 'will include' voters who have come out to the polls up to 16, 30 hours.

Mayor candidates performed their civic duty

The current Zagreb mayor and candidate for the sixth mandate headed by Zagreb, Milan Bandic, has already voted in the 7 in the morning, immediately after the election of local elections, at a polling station in Njegoseva street 10 on Peščenica, and said on that occasion that he had never doubted the Zagrepčani 'clickers' and that they would choose the best.

An Independent Candidate for Zagreb Mayor Sandra Švaljek she was voting in the Marin Držić Primary School. Inviting citizens to go to the elections, she said "voting is the most powerful and in fact the most powerful instrument of democracy".

Coalition candidate SDP-HNS-HSS-HSU-Forward Croatia-SU Anka Mrak Taritaš voted in the polling station in Antun Bauer 21 in the morning and invited citizens to come out on local elections as many as possible, with the message that they are important elections for the future of Zagreb for the next twenty years.

HDZ candidate for Zagreb mayor Drago Prgomet voted on Sunday at the polling station in Silvija Strahimir Kranjčević Elementary School and said he would like more people from Croatia to vote, because they still decide to live in local communities and cities.

Marko Sladoljev, Mosta candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, voted in his polling station in the western part of Zagreb and called on the citizens to come out of the elections as much as possible and added that he expected a great deal of excellence. After the vote, Sladoljev told reporters that he expects a great deal of citizenship from the City of Zagreb and said "the time to launch the silent Zagreb majority".

Candidate for the mayor of Zagreb and the holder of the list for the City Assembly of the Coalition of Zagreb is NAŠ-Nova ljevica-Orah-Radnička fronta-Za grad Tomislav Tomašević voted in the Samoborček Municipal Committee in Zagreb and expressed expectations of good election results.