According to the first polls published immediately after the closing of the polls in 19 hours, current mayor Milan Bandic and candidate of HNS, SDP and other coalition parties, Anka Mrak Taritaš, will go to the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb.

According to polls, Milan Bandic wins 30,8 percent, and Anka Mrak Taritaš 26,78 percent votes of voters. Coming up Sandra Švaljek with 17,6 instead of you Bruna Esih with 10,26 post.

HDZ Drago Prgomet, according to surveys, won almost twice as few votes as Bruno Esih, 5,75 pisto, while they were placed in the last three places Tomislav Tomašević on behalf of the Initiative Zagreb is ours with 4,1 post, Mostov Marko Sladoljev with 1,87 and Ivan Lovrinović 1,76 place.

According to polls, Milan Bandic, the coalition of HNS-SDP, Sandra Švaljek, HDZ, the Initiative Zagreb is our Brune Esih. Others do not cross the threshold.