Jelena Pavičić Vukičević

Expected, Milan Bandic entered the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb, but with a much greater advantage over HNS candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš than they had been questioning him. His list for the Assembly, which is also the opposite of polls, enters the city parliament as the first list of the most numerous. We talked about everything with a candidate for Bandic's deputy, Jelena Pavičić Vukičević.

Milan Bandic with a convincing advantage over Ankar Mrak Taritaš joins the second round of elections in Zagreb, while your list in the City Assembly enters as the strongest, commentary on the election result?
Absolutely excellent election result on all four levels. We are awaiting a meeting of the City Election Commission and the Electoral Commission for Local Elections somewhere, when we will know the final calculation by D`Hondt's mandate method at all levels, for councils of local committees and city districts and for the City Assembly. What is now apparent is that we have repeated success from past elections from 2013. On the other hand, then the electoral threshold has passed a smaller number of votes, so D`Hondt's method had fewer mandates compared to the first list. So the number of mandates will not be the same as 2013 now, but this is due to a large number of lists. Then they passed, I do not know, four lists, six lists now. But the result is really great, we are very happy, yesterday during the whole night we met people from the city district with their results because we had staffs in all city quarters and we were delighted with them because some for the first time entered the council's quarters at the local council.

Elections for Mayor? Polls once again dropped ?!

As for the Mayor's list, that is, entering the second electoral round, that's something we expected, that Mayor Bandić will enter as the first candidate. We did not give in to these debates ahead of the elections, this poll, which gives the Mayor Bandic to a much smaller percentage than the one he made at the elections, so it is to be imagined to the media houses, that is, to the agencies - what they do wrong. It breaks from the election cycle to the election cycle. With other candidates, they have not made a lot of mistakes, but they always do it wrong, so they have to make even bigger efforts to make those polls accurate.

Bandic - A Stoop

Plans for resuming the campaign, in two weeks, is the second round of elections?

We have made this campaign modestly, I think we have submitted content messages, 11 major projects that will re-raise the quality of life in the City of Zagreb and we believe that we will reap the support of our fellow citizens for these projects, and this week we will dedicate ourselves to the Zagrepčan these important topics and maybe we get some better suggestion - for example, how to hire, how to improve public service, in fact, what our life questions are.

The mighty assembly coalition?

On coalitions later on, we are now awaiting the City Electoral Commission and the final results.