Although it was expected that Milan Bandic in the second round with Ankar Mrak Taritaš, many were a little surprised by his great advantage over his main counter-nominee. While their last polls gave equal chances, with a mild advantage on the side of the current mayor, after the election, that advantage was much greater, and at these moments it seems 30,87 for Bandic to 24,48 for Mrak Taritaš.

The other candidates got about as much as the polls and predicted - Sandra Švaljek he positioned himself in the third position from the won 19,14 votes while he was Bruna Esih fourth with 10,98 percent, in front Drage Prgometa who won the poor 5,60 percent of votes.

But as we are bigger on the portal Further писали, the real battle will be run for the City Assembly. At the 2013 election. only 4 lists were introduced in the city parliament - Bandic's independent list, HDZ list, BUZ and HSP AS, list of SDP, HNS and HSU, and list of Vladimir Ferdaj, HSLS and HSS, And.

Now there are six lists in the Assembly - Milan Bandic and their partners, HNS and SDP lists, Sandra Švaljek's list, HDZ list, Brunei Esih list and that initiative Zagreb is our partner.

As things stand, Bandic will win another term in Zagreb. It simply has more "kantica" available to pick up on the voices. With his faithful voters, he can count on most voters Drago Prgomet, ie HDZ and Bruno Esih, as well as a large number of voters Sandra Švaljek. Anka Mrak Taritaš, on the other hand, has no such wide range. In the second round, they can count on the same people who supported him in the first, and on a few left-wing voters, mostly those who supported Zagreb in the first round or our Sandra Švaljek.

Interestingly, however, it will be the assembly of the majority. Almost all analysts, as well as Bandic's counter-candidates, are expected to continue his fruitful co-operation with HDZ. Andrej Plenković counts on the national (parliamentary) support of Bandic's people, and this is for Zagreb's support of Plenkovic's people. We saw this co-operation at work in the last convocation when HDZ often criticized Bandic, but when they needed their hands - they got them without major problems. In return, he supported Bandic in the Karamarko and Oreskovic majority, and now supports Plenkovic. He also returned to HDZ and numerous jobs in the Zagreb Holding, so that the number of newcomers in that mega-mega company over the past year and a half to two has climbed over to 150, and as we know, most of it is about HDZ members.

But not with the HDZ, Bandic in the Assembly will not have the majority. His list, according to estimates, wins 15's mandate, HDZs around 7, while most of it needs a minimum of 26 hands.

According to writing Maxportala, there is a possibility of an agreement between Bruno Esih and her people with Bandic and his people, which we have been told for a while already. Then, and now, the first condition for cooperation would be the renaming of Marshal Tito Square, which Bandic allegedly already agreed to receive in support of Bruno Esih's representative, which could be in the parliament of 5 in Zagreb.

But then Bruno Essih told us that he did not mean to cooperate with Bandic. We remind her of her statement on the portal:

- I have not spoken to anyone or anyone I do not want to talk to, so far I can say that I will not be coalition with Milan Bandić after the election - she said Bruna Esih 30. March for the Portal Next, after we had announced that he could cooperate with Bandic if he initiated the change of the Marshal Tito Square.

Sandra Švaljek also said that assembly co-operation is possible with everyone except Milan Bandic. So according to these statements of two ladies, Bandic should not count on them, but we know that politics (especially the Croatian politics) is not all black and white, there are many different shades of gray.

Bandic is a powerful and cunning politician, he is too long in power in Zagreb to have daughters to have anything to offer and will offer very likely, and then everything on them - whether they will jump into their mouths, overwhelm what is clear and unambiguous said, and jump in cooperation with Bandic, or will he stay with his words ?!

Sandra Švaljek with Bandic broke up in an ugly way, quickly became angry with his rivals, so that he would now cooperate again with him ?!

Bruno Essi, in short, with Bandic, would not only be forced to cooperate with the HDZ, but would give it to the politician to whom the Five, the Partisans and the other Tito, we have counted countless times, are no stranger. Will Bruno Esih, in cooperation with Bandic and Prgomet, let go of all those people who trust her, or will remain their own - we will see soon.