Anka Mrak Taritaš

HNS and SDP candidate for Zagreb mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš invited Zagrepcán to Sunday, 4. June, go to the second round of local elections and "on the referendum" choose the change, ie, her as the mayor. She also invited Sandra Švaljek, Tomislav Tomasevic and Drago Prgomet to vote for her.

- We really want changes in this city. Changes in this city are possible, it takes a second to make sure they really do. You know, we all talk about polls, everyone is saying the polls are on election day. The actual poll showed on Sunday that the current Mayor received 40 a thousand votes less than four years ago, and this really gives us the right to believe 4 will. June is a change in the City of Zagreb, but we can all come to it all together - she said Anka Mrak Taritaš emphasizing that she wants to be the mayor of all citizens of the City of Zagreb.

He then invited all the voters who supported the first round Tomislav Tomasevic, Sandru Švaljek or Drago Prgometa, to now support her.

- Those voters, first and foremost, I call that 4. June, and I invite them equally to vote for the changes because they have already said in the first round that these changes are wishing, and those changes we want all together. This is a wider civil movement in which we all want change - the candidate of the mayor of HNS was categorical.

Anka Mrak Taritaš, along with SDP deputy candidates Draženko Pandek and non-party Darijo Čepo, also responded to the prostitutes from the camp Milan Bandic that election results with her team were waiting in the area around which the City of Zagreb was suspended. It is, in fact, the space in which the night club Ritam Grada is located, which owes about one million kunas to the City of Zagreb for rent.

- Thank you very much on this question, this question shows what we are talking about - that the system exists in the city, then there would be no chance that someone would use the space where the debt is a million kuna. I have to admit, I'll go to the coffee and I will not ask sir if it's in the city or not. That was the choice, we had the 5-6 variants, the most unusual we came and the space continued to work. I went to Konzum for the past year and half past two years ago and I did not ask how much the Konzum is due to the City, I go to Konzum and I still do not ask how much the city is obliged to do - said Anka Mrak Taritaš to Darijo Čepo he said that he would ask for the Conszum City of Zagreb's debts after 4. June.

Remember, according to still unofficial data of the SEC, the current mayor Milan Bandic, who won the 30,87 percent of the votes, and HNS and SDP candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš, who won the 24,48 percent of Zagrepcan votes, go to the second round of elections in Zagreb. Polls for the second round give equal chances, with slight advantage over Bandic, but the question is how much they are credible because they even equaled them before the first round.