Bruna Esih

How will Assembly appear to us after 4. June, we will only see, because everything depends on who will win the mayoral election, whether it will be the current mayor Milan Bandic or the challenger from the ranks of HNS Anka Mrak Taritaš. Whoever won, the fact is that it will be more difficult to gather the most needed majority in the Zagreb Parliament so far, as there are even six lists in the Assembly.

If the current mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic to win another mandate, to expect the continuation of his fruitful cooperation with HDZ. We have already written about it, it is necessary Andreja Plenković nationally, in the Parliament, but with HDZ the connection has already been baptized by employing the Holding site, which we wrote on our portal, which resulted in an increase in the number of employees in the mega-company for 150 people over the past year and a half which has a lot of HDZ members.

But Bandic for the rule of Zagreb at both levels will not be enough to support the HDZ. He'll need another list. The question is only who could join him - Sandra Švaljek (or individuals from her list) or maybe Bruna Esih.

Although, as some call it, the right icon and in the conversation for our portal rejected the possibility of cooperation with Bandic in the Assembly at the end of March, now it is not one hundred percent safe. He does not want to say speculate before the second round of elections, he does not want to negotiate with anyone yet, but he does not want any doors to close in advance.

- Bandic is not yet a mayor, we only wait for the second round, so it's all easy to comment on and go into such discussions, because then I turn to a political commentator - whatever it would be. We will only see what will be, and until then we hold what I have been saying so far, there is no change there - she told her for Bruno Esih and added that she would not sit in front of any negotiating tables in advance.

- There is time, we will see things will stand, we know what our attitudes are, therefore, we will not sell for armchairs and bats as they do other, but some conversations that would not only be possible with the goal of responsible politics but that is the reason why we have been running for both the Assembly and the Mayor. If you want to participate in politics, then you can not behave like a Living Wall and not sit with anyone, "added Esih.

He also referred to the Mayor Milan Bandic's statement that repeated his position that the issue of the Marshal Tito Square should be resolved by referendum. Bruno Esih believes that it is transferring responsibility to citizens and adds that all candidates could make a statement before the elections, so that the election itself would be a referendum on the alleged name of the square.

Interestingly, though on the opposite side of the political spectrum of Anke Mrak Taritaš, Bruna Esih praised HNS candidate for the mayor of Zagreb for his clear and unambiguous attitude on the name of Marshal Tito Square, while for Bandic not only could not have said it, but also gave him a sharp critique.

- Anka Mrak Taritaš has said openly that he is not changing the name, and I appreciate it as an opinion on the other side, as a left-wing opinion. When she says it, her voters know that. So this is not my opinion, but I do appreciate that the woman has expressed her attitude, and this when trying to be all and like to everyone, then you have no one and nothing - categorical was Esih.

And when we were already at the HNS candidate, we asked Esih to brief us briefly today's call to Mrak Taritaš voters Drage Prgometa to vote for her 4. June. In addition to Drage Prgomet's voter, ie HDZ, he invited HNS candidates and voters Tomislav Tomasevic and Sandre Švaljek. One Brune Esih, expected, was not.

- He is obviously well acquainted with the situation on the ground, and who can call, and who would have missed that call, so I do not think that Mrs. Mrak Taritaš has made any mistakes. I do not agree with the politics of Mrs. Mrak Taritaš, but here she appears more open than some other candidates - concluded Bruno Esih.