If there were no dissatisfied "tourists" from neighboring Serbia, who were not paid to visit Our Lady in order to exercise their right, even though they do not live here, we would not know even today, although most doubts, how they match voters, and their final results. However, there was dissatisfaction, so the citizens of Croatia finally got evidence of "import" of voters from the neighboring country, imports due to which blood was spilled in Vukovar, although there was no need for it, because, according to demographer Stjepan Šterc, there are not enough citizens in this town Serbian nationality to have the right to bilingual inscriptions.

How do you comment on RTL's published footage and statements that prove what has been speculated for years - that Serbs are coming to Croatia in organized elections even though they do not live in Croatia ?!

What was evident and what was demographically easy to prove is now affirmed through the picture, through the statements, through the arrival of these buses, that it is a fictitious population, which is likely to have a formal citizenship, there are probably documents from the Republic of Croatia, but it is not a permanent population of Croatia according to the definition of the permanent population of Eurostat, which says that the usual place of residence is where people spend most of their working days, or most of the year. In that sense, it has already been clear that something has to be done here and that the list of voters and the permanent population has to be harmonized. We now have approximately 3 700 000 voters in the DIP voter list, although in the total population of Croatia younger than 18 years around 780 000, so the voter list should be somewhere at the level of 3 400 000 or even 3 300 000.

You have long warned that in Vukovar Serbs do not make up a third of the population, which means that there should not be bilingual inscriptions in that city. Does this prove exactly what you are talking about and what are you warning about?

That. It turned out that the fictitious number of permanent population in the Danube region also influences political decisions in terms of introducing a bilingual letter. Vukovar certainly does not live one third of the Serb population, and this can be easily checked. I even suggested that a census be carried out in Vukovar, which should not be a particular problem in the city itself, if there were political will and political consent, and that, among other things, insisted the Central Bureau of Statistics. However, they do not seem to have any Croatian national interest in all state institutions. On one portal I have already done this analysis, in which I have proved that the documents in the Danube still go from the time of UNTAES, that these people have Croatian documents given by UNTAES, that they have the possibility to go to the Croatian polls, that they do not even have permanent residence in the Danube region.

How do these "imported" voters influence not only the outcome of individual choices but also all other aspects, both economic and political and social?

We have been warning for this issue for years and it is not clear to us that there is such an irrational attitude that it does not want to be settled, and then when you leave the voters in the non-resident Serbs in Croatia, then Pupovac reports again and talks about the erasures. So, I would say that it is playing with the Croatian State, it is the best proof that Croatia does not function, that its system is not set up as a system of normal countries. Because it may even happen that a population that neither Eurostat regards as a permanent population of Croatia, it still uses a whole range of privileges in Croatia - it is not just a matter of voting, it is a question of the health system of the Croatian pension system, it is a matter of great budgetary resources a population that is not a permanent population of Croatia, which has not even earned any pension in Croatia. It's just something incredible, on the other hand, we're surprised we do not have money for demographic revitalization, we do not have money for the youth, we do not have any money for employment, but we have the money for such systems from which it is all over.

It's a similar situation, you say, and in Kistanju?

Yes, I have recently proved that Kistanje (settlement) has somewhere around the 1900 population, of which about 1300 Croats. But the local population tells me that there are no 60 Serbs there, and according to the voter list they are, therefore, about 600. This is happening throughout the Dalmatian hinterland, around the Knin region, and the Croatian state does not do anything to make these elections at least apparently regular.

Will this change in the matter, now that we know how it manipulates election results, voter lists, and the lives of people from certain areas ?!

Nothing will happen here, no association will come to their feet, because that is the question of a decent state, it is a question of the Government that knows the strategic interests of the country. This is a matter of a decision, but it does not fit the government. The unqualified voter list corresponds to all, and on the other hand, this unfortunate Pupovac is always counted as a coalition partner, although it is clear that he is in charge of the Serbs and that the Serbs have only harm, not benefit. Now that local elections have emerged, that other option in Vukovar, other than that of Pupovac's SDSS, which began to function in the interest of the Serb population in Croatia, and also realized that Croatia was their homeland. Nothing will absolutely happen on this matter until you accept these facts. What we are talking to scientists, power is almost uninteresting. In Croatia, in part, I would dare say, a classic political occupation of the country where there is no research, no science, although we know that all societies are based on science and education.