Milan Bandic and Tomo Medved

Three days after the first round of local elections and not two weeks before the second, Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, surrounded by Croatian defenders, war veterans and HDZ ministers, opened a newly-appointed Nevenka Topalusic Square in front of the Ministry of Croatian Defenders.

Nevenka Topalusic, a former member of 2. the Guard Brigade, the Groms, on that unidentified square until that time, during the protests of hundreds of war military invalids against the then government Zoran Milanovic and their hated ministers Predrag Matić.

After she died, her subgroups from Gromov launched an initiative to call that unnamed area on which the widely known tent called her name. The proposal was first accepted at the assembly committee for naming settlements, streets and squares, and then at the session of the City Assembly, followed by setting up a table with the new name of the square.

Bandic promised and the reconstruction of that area, and it is all over these days, in the wake of local election campaigns, that is, in the period between the first and second rounds in which the current mayor competes with the main challenger, HNS Ankom Mrak Taritaš.

About his late Nevenka Topalusic spoke of her submarines-Groms, the minister of defense Tomo Medved, and a few words said Mayor Bandic. In addition, there were numerous other guests in front of the Ministry of Defense, such as the delegation and adviser to President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, and the former protester from Savska, Ante Deura, the Minister of Social Welfare Nade Murganić, Assistant Minister of Defense Zoran Piličić, as well as family members Topalusic.

The closing ceremony of the works at Nevenka Topalusic Square was also attended by numerous defenders, 100-year-old disabled, among them one of the organizers of the most protracted Croatian protest, Đuro Glogoški.