Robert Hirc

We talked with Robert Hircom, a member of Čačić's Reformists, who probably entered the City Assembly on Milan Bandic. The first round of elections, unbelievable polls, at least as far as Bandic is concerned, the second round, the parliamentary majority, the possible early elections in Zagreb - all these were topics of the upcoming "Morning Chat" this week.

How are you satisfied with the first round of local elections, the Mayor and the Assembly, and how do you comment on the polls that Milan Bandic is honestly downplayed?

I believe that you have noticed that during the campaign, commenting on the tests just on this portal, this race will be neither uncertain nor dramatic. And we, in the Reformists, are continually doing our own polls that are constantly pointing to Milan Bandic, as well as the coalition list on which the Reformists are. Our list is the strongest in the City Assembly. That is why we are satisfied with the election results. And our coalition lists for City Districts and Local Committees have made excellent election results.

Expectations from the Second Circuit - Polls Show Again Equal Results?

The result will ultimately be 60: 40 in favor of Milan Bandic, perhaps even more favorable. I have no doubt at all! The spectrum of voters who support him is much wider than his counter-candidate. Every day with Mr. Bandić I participate in socializing with various social groups. Wherever it appears, it experiences phenomenal support. I believe that for a long time no one will seriously jeopardize his popularity in Zagreb, as well as the support he receives from Zagreb and Zagrepčan.

How to assemble the majority in the Assembly - you need at least two lists or one list and individuals from some other lists. Who do you count on?

The elections have not ended yet. In front of us is the second round of elections for the mayor and all his energy we are investing in securing the Milan Milan Bandic. We respect his counter-candidate and we do not underestimate it at all. With the assembly of the majority at the City Assembly we will deal with the election. I assure you that most will be.

But who do you count on - HDZ, Sandra Švaljek, Bruno Esih, or maybe Darinko Kosora?

These are questions for the new / old mayor. On behalf of the Reformist as a junior partner in a coalition at this point I can not talk about it.

You, by all means, enter the Assembly. What can we expect of you as a city representative?

I will stand up in the City Assembly for the topics I have already presented in the media on behalf of the Zagreb Reformists. We have talked a lot about the development of the tram infrastructure, the renovation of facades, the construction of new kindergartens and the revival of the nursing institution that are already legally regulated, every neighborhood should have a home of health, a great potential of Zagreb on Sava. The project has a lot. All of our suggestions will be aligned with our coalition partners. I announce the excellent cooperation of all the 4 parties of our coalition at the City Assembly.

Have you got any premature elections in Zagreb for you? There is a lot of list, great color ... will this, if anything, be the most expensive assembly summit so far?

I've already written, most will be. I do not believe in provisional elections. I look forward to different opinions and different suggestions, and I hope for the constructive work of all city representatives. Nobody was elected by the citizen to be destructive. The mayor himself called for a broad coalition. I expect the constructive work of this convocation of the City Assembly. If there is little political folklore, it will not harm anyone, but citizens will not have any use of it. Major projects and their realization. Zagreb has to develop continuously.

And word for the end?

No one before Milan Bandic has won five seats for the mayor of Zagreb. I'm sure he will win the sixth mandate. You can love it or not, but it's a fact of history.