Participants of the second round of local elections, to be held on Sunday, 4. June, the State Election Commission recalls that campaign grants can be collected by midnight 2. June, and only on a special bill for funding the campaign, Hina reports.

Candidates for mayors, mayors and parishioners are required to check the admissibility of each donation received, and keep records of the receipt and issue certificates of received donations. Any unauthorized donation shall immediately be reported to the DIP and the funds received shall be credited to the State Budget at the latest within eight days from the date of receipt of the payment.

Donations received after the end of the campaign are required to report immediately to the DIP and to return the donors no later than eight days from the day of receipt, and if the refund is not possible or the donation from the unauthorized source, they are obliged to pay the state budget within the same deadline.

The Committee also clarifies how much the election campaign can spend on a campaign - the total amount of campaign costs for the second election circles may increase by a maximum of 20 percent relative to the amount allowed for the first round.

Candidates for the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic i Anka Mrak Taritaš, they can spend in both circuits at 1,2 million.

Donation reports and campaign costs candidates to the relevant election commission must submit to Saturday, 27. May, and publicly announce until midnight 29. May. A complete financial report on the financing of publicity is required to be submitted up to 4. July, and publish to 19. July at midnight.