Milan Bandic

When the election campaign and electoral campaign are concerned, it is often a thin line between allowed and unauthorized, and the sanctions in most cases almost do not exist. An example of this is the case of Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, who was proud of the first round of elections, praised that he spent very little time on the campaign, although he, as the current mayor, literally drove out of the patisserie - he opened papers, promised projects, joined defenders, minorities, religious communities, sent letters to citizens, etc.

In the campaign, we have already written on our portal, updated the official website of the City of Zagreb, so that the page ahead of the election was redesigned in a way that its cover pages were "overrunning", planned or ongoing projects, most notably those announced in its pre-election program - such as housing construction in Podbrežje, decorating Zagreb facades and the like.

For the second round, in which he fights against the main challenger - HNS Anke Mrak Taritaš, Bandic left and one step further. He paid, in fact, that the Facebook site of the City of the users and the social network are projected as sponsored, and they show the same mentioned projects like construction of the line to Franjo Tuđman Airfield,

It also made it a real little Facebook and Twitter war for two finalists in Zagreb's elections. In addition to the text on using city money for the campaign, the HNS candidate on his "wall" wrote:

- He is fighting your money, and I fight with my heart and desire for change - Anka Mrak Taritaš wrote, but the answer was not long.

- Mayor of Milan Milan Bandic, with the aim of openness and joint participation in projects important to all citizens of Zagreb, invited Mrs. Anku Mrak Taritaš to attend all city events of special interest to the city and citizens. Despite the elections, the city is not and must not stop, and projects that raise the standard and quality of life of Zagreb and Zagreb from a common interest that goes beyond political bidding and require full openness and participation of all political factors - Milan Bandic.

It remains, however, unclear what connects Bandic's invitation Anka Mrak Taritaš to attend all important city events with the spending of city money for pre-election purposes. Does the invocation reduce its obvious violation of rules ?! We asked the HNS candidate for comment ...

The mayor is obviously in panic and does not even quit waiting to remain in power. It is unacceptable for the budget of all citizens of the city of Zagreb to be used in the campaign for the promotion of non-existent projects. While the Mayor is scattered with money from all citizens of Zagreb, the parents take children to kindergarten in the kindergarten and the educators work in impossible conditions. I call on citizens to come to the 4 elections. June to stop this kind of management of the city of Zagreb - she told Anka Mrak Taritaš.