Nenad Vlahović, source: Facebook

Electoral tourism, as some already sarcasticly call the organized and paid transportation of voters from Serbia to the elections in Croatia, Nenad Vlahovic, president of the National Serb Council in Croatia, commented.

How do you comment on the so-called import of Serbian voters, what did the RTL cameras record a few days ago?

For a long time, eight or more years, I personally and through the means of public communication, I point to this phenomenon - how and how the voices of the Serbian national community are elected. I will say that I have noticed that, on a number of occasions, I have made decisive, verifiable, factual and certain information provided to some specific services, not to mention them here, who are the most responsible in Croatia for detecting, preventing and prosecuting criminal offenses. But, however, eight years have passed, and no one has reacted and everything went as it went.

You say that, you have warned for years ?!

That! So, is it possible that the minority vote in the minority elections, from municipal, city, county to parliamentary, will always get the same number of votes - what does it point to ?! It suggests a reasonable suspicion that these are always the only eligible voters who are paid, covering all possible expenses. But, however, it was nowhere near to the point, the lever banged, and it was now released to the public.

You call it "democratic trade", sarcastic, of course?

That. I am now focusing on the Serbian community, but not only by them, it is done by others, all by little. These are no longer elections, democratic elections, this is a democratic trade !! Why democratic? Because everything is public, it is traded in public mandates, the conditions are fulfilled by hand. I said in my one interview at Z1 television that three hands in the Parliament were dirty and dirty, and when I said that, I thought they were dirty and dirty, not to say red, and I know what's all about. But no one responded to that - Mr. Plenković is concerned that the three hands he is holding are in power - unfortunately, shamefully. There, therefore, is a network in which the same fish, the same fish of the other species. And Serbs are there, both Hungarians and Croats, all the same fish, and no one wants to collapse from that network, giving them voices, prosperity, armchairs, big wages. It's an obvious trade, a democratic trade. Not democratic elections but democratic trade. What kind of democratic elections, so our Law is so set. Well, that's a scorn from the Law. Complete electoral regime, complete electoral legislation should be put into one law that will deal with it, not so many laws, so much supplementation of these laws, a total chaos that suits somebody, and it suits those who follow it and who know why it is so - the creator of this is all the unshakable and eternal gospon, Mr. Plenkovic's advisor.

Srđan Milaković won Vukovar, how do you comment on it?

Milakovic is now faced with a victory that was made by Mr Pupovac, Stanimirović and society. Somewhere it broke. Obviously there was not enough money to settle this and SDSS candidate still choose. However, I congratulate Milakovic, but he was up to SDSS yesterday, he knows everything he is doing, and declares that those 10 000 voters who vote for SDSS candidates have their rights and abundance, and everyone else has nothing. So he said what I was saying and I congratulate him that 10 000 Serbs are in the service of electoral trade, electoral corruption and electoral robbery, and other 90 percent have no rights. It is necessary for Pupovac to get the money for money and there is no longer a hand for the SDSS, and then there is no SDSS, everything will collapse as a soap.

Who is guilty of such a state, will it ever come to an end ?!

For all that is happening in Croatia, the last 20 and many years on the political scene, ie political trade, are blamed by ministers, premiers - from Sanader, Karamarko, Jadranka Kosor, Milanovic, Oreskovic, Plenković, they all blame . For them, that old saying goes - "Dogs, caravans are passing". However, the caravans will return, and then they will not know who they are. I am indignant because I belong to the Serb community - I fight for some of the rights and affairs of the Serbs who, from the fear of SDSS and paid tribes, may not be different, they will follow them when they go to the elections - they give them money and see if they have voted.