Who will co-operate with or at least cooperate with the city parliament - we will know exactly after 4. June or the second round of local elections when we know the name of the mayor of Zagreb. Whether it will be the current mayor Milan Bandic, whose analysts, surveys, but also pure logic, give priority to, or his main challenger, the HNS and SDP candidate Anka Mrak Taritaš.

Interestingly, just before the first round of elections, everyone was in line with that Milan Bandic it will not coalesce. The first has been said Sandra Švaljek, and she also said Bruna Esih. Now things are a little different. Bruno Esih, although Bandic has a lot of objections - such as his populist stance on the Marshal Tito Square, that is, the desire to resolve the issue of that square by referendum without ever having to say whether it is a name for the square or for someone else, is no longer so safe that he would not cooperate with him.

"There are times, we'll see things stand, we know what our attitudes are, of course, we will not sell for armchairs and bats as they do others, but some conversations that would be responsible for policy-making are not just It is possible that they are the thing for which we have been running for both the Assembly and the Mayor. If you want to participate in politics, then you can not behave like a Living Wall and not sit with anyone - she said on Tuesday for the portal of Bruno Esih.

In the absence of Bandic, on the other hand, Sandra Švaljek is certain, but the question is how safe are people from her list. Darinko Kosor, a former coalition partner of Milan Bandic in the Assembly, has already triumphantly declared that without him (the list of Sandra Švaljek on which he will) will not be able to bring together the majority.

In bringing Sandra Švaljek and her list (or at least part of her list) under her umbrella, SDPs have already started, who are ready to cooperate at the level of local councils and city districts with all the lists (and Sandra Švaljek, even the Bridge) except for Bandic and HDZ. We are transmitting the SDP's announcement in full:

- On 40. the session of the Zagreb SDP presidency, which was held on Wednesday, unanimously adopted the political position on negotiations and the conclusion of coalitions in the councils of the city district and councils of the local committees from the list Sandra Švaljek (without the Conservative Party), Zagreb is ours, Living Wall, Bridge and Independent Lists. So, coalitions are possible with everyone except Milan Milan 365 Milan - Party of Labor and Solidarity and HDZ - according to the Zagreb SDP press release.

Of course, cooperation at a lower level does not necessarily mean co-operation at the City Assembly, but it is a good step in that direction. But, we have already said, the great meaning in the whole story is who will win the elections. Whoever it was, everyone wished to cooperate with the winner - Anki Mrak Taritaš already available Tomislav Tomašević and his list gathered around the initiative Zagreb is ours, and Sandra Švaljek could enter the story, but that will not be enough for the majority in the Assembly.

Bandic, on the other hand, is in a better position. It is expected to continue its co-operation with the HDZ, and for most there are enough other people. Will they find them on the list of Sandra Švaljek or will support him Bruno Esih and her representatives, we will see soon.

Certainly, as much as anybody is clinging to something and whatever they are talking about, the theory and practice ultimately drop two completely different things. An example of this is today's letter from the Zagreb SDP, which clearly and unequivocally states that the SDPs will not be coalition with Bandic (or HDZ) in the local committees and neighborhoods, and find out from the ground that in many neighborhoods in Zagreb the coalitions Bandic-SDP - because it is about neighbors, friends, world viewers, and members of the same party - the SDP.