For the exact week, next Sunday, the second round of local elections is scheduled. In the last round of Zagreb were the current mayor Milan Bandić and the candidate of HNS, SDP and their partner parties, Anka Mrak Taritaš. Their polls give equal chances for victory, with slight prevailing on Bandic, with which many experts agree, arguing that the final outcome of the 4 election will be. June to decide the shades. We talked with two ladies and two gentlemen, Ankica Mamic and Anit Malenica, and Krešimir Macan and Perom Kovacevic.

In the first round, recall, the most votes for the mayor got Milan Bandic. According to the provisional results of the SEC, Bandic got 30,87 percent of votes, and Anka Mrak Taritaš 24,48 place.

Although Bandic was the most successful, his score is worse than in the 2013 elections. years. Then he won 47,30 a percentage of votes, against the then main challenger SDP Rajka Ostojić, who won the 22,71 post.

Is this why Zagrepčan's desire for change and saturation with Bandic and his politics or simply a higher number of high-quality candidates and more diverse offerings in these elections is hard to say. It is both possible.

At the 2013 elections, we recall, Bandic's main counter-candidate was, SDP's Rajko Ostojić, said. But he entered the race later, (only) by volition Zoran Milanovic koji Davora Bernardi, contrary to the will of many SDPs in Zagreb, replaced the then Minister of Health. The race was also attended by not too well-known HDZs Margareta Mađerićas well as independent Vladimir Ferdelji behind which HSLS and HSS stood. There were still other candidates - at that time an omnipresent laburist Branko Vukšić, the former head of the City Assembly Tatjana Holjevac, a former HDZ officer Ante Zvonimir Golem te Siniša Šukunda, then head of Zagreb's HSP.

In these elections, Bandic's main counter-nominees, HNSs Anka Mrak Taritaš, managed to impose itself as a symbol of change in Zagreb. Behind her stood the SDP as well as some other smaller parties. She was there too Sandra Švaljek behind which HSLS stood. And she had great chances to enter the second round, and there Bandic and win. It also appeared here Bruna Esih, the right icon, as some call it, which has achieved a solid result - the mayor's race achieved the fourth result, and the 5 deputy of her list entered the City Assembly, despite the fact that almost all analysts said that the right wing in Zagreb was poor not anyway) does not pass. HDZ pushed in the race Drago Prgometa, and Mostov also competed Marko Sladoljev, Ivan Lovrinović within the framework of the Živog zidala Coalition and Changing Croatia and the candidate of the other left option (along with the gathered around Mrak Taritaš) - Tomislav Tomašević, behind which the initiative of Zagreb was our, For the City, the New Left, the OraH and the Radnička fronta. Although he himself did not make a more visible result for his mayoral election, his list also entered the City Assembly, which is a good election result.

Although it has been shown many times, Bandic in Zagreb is hard to beat, they are in Zagreb, they will agree many, for the first time they have had the whole set of good candidates. Perhaps not good enough for a current mayor to become a former mayor, but good enough that the percentage of those who vote for him - be smaller.

In the second round, therefore, polls, although on the side of Bandic, Anka Mrak Taritaš give the same result. The ultimate outcome of the election, the next portal's spokeswoman, will depend on two things - the last moves of the recent campaign days, and the forthcoming elections next Sunday.

"I believe the winner will determine the nuances, so it's unfortunate to forecast. Anka Mrak Taritaš has a chance if he can create a referendum atmosphere against Bandić - that's a moment for change. On the other hand, if the campaign remains dead as it is today, the chance for Bandic increases - says PR expert Krešimir Macan, adding that changes are always good.

"There are always good changes, especially after long mandates. They are not the fathers of modern America without any reason limiting the mandate of the president for two consecutive terms. Then you can give the maximum and disable the linking of interest links. On the other hand, if voters are satisfied with the functioning of the city they live in, they will support long-term mayor because there is not a good enough alternative. In Zagreb this time we have one and the other - and the current mayor who enjoys good support after a year of mandate, albeit somewhat lower than before, and a good challenger, so that voters can decide for the first time after a few years with every single voice. Look at Rijeka - there does not seem to be such a strong challenger, and Bandic and Obersnel are in power for the same number of years. Fortunately, this time they are not a major party, power is indeed in the hands of the voters - Macan adds and continues...

- Bandic, first and foremost, works every day of his mandate and for years. And they wanted to admit it or not, at the level of a regular voter he successfully solves daily problems - kids are in cheap kindergartens, books are free, parks are arranged, snow is 'eaten' and do not fall on ice, we ride half the price and so respectively. You can not get the best communal in the state in that field. It is very difficult to explain that in fact all this is too expensive and we have to do it for months before the election. On the other hand, Bandic has a whole army of professionals who have been working for him for years and knows his job so that he is approaching very professionally - and this time he died, avoided confrontation in the second round, so we have the impression that there is no campaign. And for the rest, do not forget that he has his own faithful quarters and pool of voices like Kozari Boka, who he has been editing and doing through the years in a modern part of Zagreb. There is also the HDZ for a silent partner who did not break it in the budget and would probably partner with them again. Interest is eternal, do not forget. Bandic trades with them cunningly - concludes Krešimir Macan.

The lawyer is well acquainted with the political situation in Zagreb, and is a participant of local Zagreb elections at city-level level, ie, local committees - Pero Kovačević, has the advantage of Milan Bandic, but claims to be against Mrak Taritaš will not be greater than 5.

- Objective, Milan Bandic will win in the second round. The difference will not be great, it will be somewhere 4-5 percent, depending on how many voters come out of the election, since the output will be smaller than in the first round. So if he comes out anymore, his victory will be more convincing, but it's hard to get them out any more. Thus, Bandic is defeated, which is clear to all indicators, but that difference will not be great - says Pero Kovačević and explains why Bandic is a better option than the HNS candidate...

- Of these two bad variants, the better option is to remain Bandic because we know how it works, how and in what way can it be forced to promise to do it. This is best known to us in Vrbik and Trnje, that more or less is fulfilling their promises, but it takes time and needs to be compressed to do what it promises. This is a more convenient variant. I do not know what would mean that HNS came to the forefront of Zagreb with regard to all the affairs that are now being revealed and discovered, that would not be good for the Zagrebers because there would be a change in the sense of new subsidies that would slip in this or that way . Bandic's mouth is more or less fed and is likely to end his mandate in Zagreb so as to remain in such a good memory - concludes Pero Kovačević.

Bandic will consider the elections as a communication expert Ankica Mamic. To win Milan Bandic 4. June, or defeat by Anke Mrak Taritaš, is considered to be inadequate by the HNS candidate for attracting more voters, as well as the lack of public support of other candidates, primarily Sandre Švaljek, who is moving into change, and now, our spokesperson says, as if the changes do not want.

- I think Bandic will win again. The will to change did not prove to be the third hope of choice, Sandra Švaljek, so she did not have the courage to invite their voters to support the change in Zagreb and to vote for Anka Mrak Taritaš. Though she invoked these changes, she dropped it off when she was not that change. This is indicative because we did not see any serious attack on Bandic in the first round. The two of them, Anka Mrak Taritaš and Sandra Švaljek, were mostly concerned with the other, and Anka Mrak Taritaš is now dealing with his problems around Gunja, Osijek and POS land because it is obvious that there are some points that are controversial, and I still love to say, if you choose between two bad, then always wins the worst - explains Ankica Mamić and adds that Anka Mrak Taritaš also had a campaign in the campaign, unlike Bandic, who traditionally used all available (city) funds to show the people.

- We gave this to her campaign, we did not see anything. On the other hand, Bandic uses public money for his campaign, organizes concerts, publishes events for which he only knows what he is doing and what is their purpose, but I say it is neither surprising nor new, we are all of it already used to seeing, and this all around Mrs Mrak Taritaš looks worse and I just do not see her campaign. It simply has no capacity to attract people, encourage them to go to polls, to referendums, as she says - concludes Ankica Mamic.

The journalist Anita Malenica, he added, adding that Bandic simply has a greater maneuvering space, in terms of voters who can turn and potentially vote for him. This, he considers, is his greatest advantage over Ankar Mrak Taritaš.

- In my opinion, Anka Mrak Taritaš was close to seriously endangering Milan Bandic, but it does seem to me with these election results and the fact that Milan Bandic has a broader range of supporters - and that is Bruno Esih's voters - they are voters Drago Prgometa, the voters of the right electorate, and a part of the vote, Sandra Švaljek, I think that Bandic will win another mandate at the head of Zagreb. The fact that Mrak Taritaš succeeded in imposing this campaign, managed to overcome Sandra Švaljek too, however, I think her capacity in terms of people who could support it much smaller than that of Bandic - concludes a statement for Further Anita Malenica.

Let's say at the end that the second round of local elections is scheduled for next Sunday, 4. June. As in the first round, Biralište opens at 7 in the morning and will open until 19 hours.