Lara Krznarić

We talked this morning with Larga Krznaric, the future councilor at the Kanal Local Council. Milan Bandic's list won the 26,40 percent of the vote in this Committee, so Lara Krznarić was the only one to join the MO Council, but that does not mean that he would not be lush to fight for all the inhabitants of Kanala to make better lives.

You've come to MO Kanal Council. What does this small and still a big success mean for you?

It means a lot, because in this way my Canalians will be able to help improve the quality of life.

What are you going to do - what to fix, edit, make on Channel?

The canal is a highly tourist district and due to the exceptional number of renters the room should certainly work on infrastructure, environment and traffic. Of course that is also important for the citizens.

Some concrete projects?

A concrete project that is sure is the arrangement of a former dormitory at Botić Square in the Hotel-Tourist School. We certainly plan to set up at least one smart bench.

How many councilors are in MO Kanal Council, who has (or will) have the majority?

Who will have the majority, we will handle this after the second round of local elections when we sit all together. BM365 has achieved high 26,40 percent which I am very proud of, and it certainly means that my neighbors have recognized us as a party that knows and can address the problems of small people. The MO Kanal Council is a total of 5 councilors.

Have you already begun to negotiate?


The Zagreb SDP has banned its members from co-operating in local committees and town squares with members of the Bandic Party (and the HDZ), but as far as I hear, many of them think it is silly to cooperate. Will there come to you in MO Kanal such cooperation - BM365 and SDP?

I do not want to prejudge things in advance because everyone would be out there now. When time comes, everything will be known.

What do you expect from the second round of elections?

I expect Mayor Milan Bandić to win the sixth mandate because the Zagrebers, when they put their hands on their heart, know what has been done during his mandates. In addition, there are new projects that have already started, so I invite all Zagreb and Zagreb citizens to give confidence again to Milan Milan Bandic on Sunday.

And the word to end, if you want something to add?

Let's go!