Facing the second round of local elections in Zagreb, candidates for HNS and SDP for Mayor Anka Mrak Traitaš invited citizens to come to the polls and choose the changes that were highlighted in the first round by two-thirds of Zagrepčan, and asserted that it was safe to succeed, although Milan Bandic will not be easy to beat, Hina concedes.

- After the 17 of Zagreb Bandic's management, I urge the citizens that the changes are possible, that it is possible to openly, openly, transparently and systematically manage Zagreb - emphasized Anka Mrak Taritaš at a press conference held at Peščenica along with SDP president Davor Bernardic.

- I urge all the Zagrebers to come to the 4 elections. In June, we all want changes, and they need more seconds - said the candidate of HNS and partner parties.

SDP President Davor Bernardic repeated that his party wants a faster, cheaper and more prospective Zagreb.

- We have the best candidate - Anku Mrak Taritaš and the best team to make changes in Zagreb - Bernardic said and also urged citizens to come out on Sunday because they decide their city will look like the next four years.

He rejected the journalist's remark that he first appeared in the campaign with Mrak Tritaš.

- How do you think the first public appearance? SDP gave support, we were together on the field with all the candidates from the list, together we signed the deal. As SDP president I visit all of Croatia these days and today I came here to support our candidate in Zagreb, and tomorrow I will do it in Rijeka - Bernardić said.

On the issue of future SDP and HNS co-operation, Mrak Taritaš has resolutely rejected the possibility of HNS joining the HDZ in forming a parliamentary majority. However, he did not respond directly to whether Ivan Vrdoljak and Srećko Ferenčak criticized such views on HNS's presidency.

- HNS does not participate in any negotiations and will not give the irresponsible prime minister the opportunity to continue to do so. That is not the case - Anka Mrak Taritaš was a candidate.