Members of the initiative Zagreb and our partner parties invited on Tuesday morning Zagrepcane to Sunday's elections, 4. June, vote against Milan Bandic's current mayor. Directly, though, they did not endorse his anti-candidate in the second round, Anka Mrak Taritaš, but it is clear that calling for non-support means calling for support.

The members of the Initiative also conducted the action by warning, as they say, Bandic's crime in Zagreb and multi-millionaires on the account of the City Budget, ie taxpayers.

They dropped from the roof of the building at Ban Jelačić Square, a large transparent, wide 25 and high 15 meters, with the inscription "Total Fraud". That is, they say, commenting on the results of public procurement research in the City of Zagreb, which shows that the deals are drastically overpaying. They therefore called for the voters to go to the polls in the second round of local elections in Zagreb as many as possible and vote against Milan Bandic because, say, his way of ruling the main Croatian town is the total deception of Zagreb.

According to data from the research of the Center for Investigation of Corruption from Budapest and the Center for Peace Studies, the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Holding in the last 6 years (from 2011 to 2016.) In public procurement procedures, even 45 percent of the value of the affairs were concluded by direct agreement or only one offer. This resulted in a social loss for overpaid jobs estimated at a total of 2 billion and 123 million, which is almost one third of a year's budget for the City of Zagreb - he said Tomislav Tomašević adding that when only public procurement published in the EU Official Gazette is analyzed, around 30 per transaction is based in Zagreb on the basis of a direct negotiation or an offer, and in Vienna, with which Bandic often likes to compare only around 7,5.

- Bandic's way to rule the city is the model of withdrawing money from taxpayers' pockets, for the benefit of friends, buddies, and sponsors. Therefore, we call on all voters to come out on Sunday and vote against Milan Bandic because he has to go to power - Tomislav Tomasevic concluded.

Interestingly, the activists of the Zagreb initiative are our transparent ones (accidentally or intentionally, op. Cit.) From the building where the "City Rhythm" club is located, where Anka Mrak Taritaš with the team awaiting the election results of the first round, and whose owners of the City of Zagreb are slow to court because of a million debt. This was done by members of Bandic's team after the election night, which is why the HNS candidate now scores the second round in the other area, in the "Club" on Pavla Hatza Street.