Sveta Klara, source: Facebook

St. Klara's Primary School from the same Zagreb village tomorrow (Thursday) marks the Day School, but in a slightly different way. We talked about speech therapist Ivan Markovic.

St. Klara Elementary School on Thursday, 1. June, marks the Day School, but in a slightly different way?

That. We at St. Clare School this year organize a slightly different Day School. Not that classical we have a show but the presentation of our great projects that we are doing this year. One is called "Bicycle by Holy Clare," and the other is "Holy Clare sometimes today". So we decided on Thursday, 1. June, we make a presentation of all these activities related to these two projects.

Will everyone go for a bicycle tour of the resort?

Our day school starts on Thursday, 1. June. The final sports competitions will be held in the classroom, and the afternoon program will start in 17 hours. Then there was a gathering in front of the school and a start of cycling tour of St. Clare was organized. That is, therefore, an integral part of this first project - "Bicycle by Holy Clare". From 17.15 there are about half an hour on the agreed route, we got all the approval from both the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Police Administration. We'll even have a police escort.

Before we start with the event itself, briefly introduce the Bicycle Project by St. Clare?

The "Bicycle for Holy Clare" project started this year at the beginning of the year, and we signed up for one philanthropic competition - for Zamah's most profitable foundation. We were between 40 schools involved with this project, and we even filmed a movie about him that will be displayed in the school lobby within the School Day. The project is designed to raise awareness of the public, the inhabitants of St. Clare, about healthy lifestyles, use of bicycles as a means of transportation, the need for cycling trails in Clare, but also our desire to make a promotional flyer about St. Clare. The plan is to make it children, and we will mark it all the more important companies, buildings and institutions that are in the area of ​​our neighborhood.

As part of that, if I'm not mistaken, did you set up a bicycle club?

Yes, we did. As part of this project, we have set up a cycling club because our students in school or just walking around the neighborhood are most often used bicycles. You know, Saint Clare is a great neighborhood, stretches over a large area, and public transport is almost gone. The aim of the club is to teach children to use a bicycle, to learn traffic safety and so on, and then they transfer their knowledge to their peers. We also cooperate with HAK in terms of lectures on the safe use of bicycles, and we even hire jammers because frequent bicycle thefts, most often the ones that are unrelated. And we rent jackets.

What awaits us all as part of the Day of School Day?

During the tour, on the playground in front of the school, there will be an info desk that will inform visitors of all events. Nearly there will be a Volunteer Fire Department with their presentation, next to them will be Autoklub Siget with their cycling pole where children will be able to test their cycling skills. There will also be a cycling service nearby that will offer small repairs - tires will be pumped, check chain tension, light will be checked, and a crew from the cycling syndicate will be assisted. There will be a Red Cross team whose staff will show how to provide first aid in the event of a bicycle crash or some minor accident. Of course, our students will be included in the course. We will also have one workshop where the interested ones will be able to learn how to make a small bicycle from the wires and buttons. They will be able to buy already finished bicycles, and money collected from sales is, of course, intended for the school.

Part of the program, you said to me in the conversation, will also be held behind the school?

Behind the school, however, we will have a presentation on peaceful resolution of conflicts without the use of violence of any kind. In the school flower garden and garden, there will be a classroom presentation - a school garden with its program, a school florist with its own, a school kitchen with the sale of food, drinks, cakes and the like.

And what will happen in the school itself?

There will be presentations of other classes in the school, and we will also have a presentation of the Islamic and Catholic Religions, within which we will also have an Arabic script workshop, and there will be also the mentioned presentation of the film about St. Clare. There is also an exhibition of St. Clare once again today, we will also have a presentation, namely, a story about Clare, as well as a play in which members of our folklore society will show how they used to live in that settlement - how men were out they talked about how milk was carrying a bike across the bridge to a nearby market.