Traditionally, on the occasion of the City of Zagreb, in the Old Town Hall on the Upper Town were awarded the City of Zagreb prizes and Zagreb Prize for the Year awarded by the best Croatian and world skier Janica Kostelić.

The ceremonies were attended by many distinguished guests from the political, economic, religious and educational life of Zagreb and Croatia. With the host, the mayor Milan Bandic, there was also the President of the Republic Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, on behalf of the Speaker of Parliament and of the Prime Minister, the Assembly Speaker of the previous session Andrija Mikulić, rector of the University of Zagreb Damir Boras, honorary citizen of Zagreb, general Mladen Markaand others.

The City of Zagreb awarded the 14 graduates, among them was the famous Croatian director Jakov Sedlar. However, his nomination for the prestigious award has caused numerous controversies. While some politicians and the public rebelled against it, saying that Sedlar in some of his films was asking for a well-known history, and that he was forgetting, others praised him as one of the best Croatian directors, most proud of the approach of the Croatian and Israeli peoples.

However, Jakov Sedlar for the City of Zagreb Award was proposed, the City Committee for Public Recognition by a majority vote confirmed this candidacy and gave it a green light, so the Prize was awarded today, with the tremendous applause of numerous gatherings at the City Assembly. There, however, there were not two HNS deputies from the previous convocation, and there were not many of the SDP's from last convocation, except Ćazim Kardšević who attended the ceremony.

- As we are in electoral times and how our electorate is another electoral circle in which we will evaluate our effects and results, and say about the plans for the future and the direction we need to lead our metropolis, we will omit the usual report on the results of the past year. And today's day is a solemn ceremony - said mayor Milan Bandić and added that today we celebrate Zagreb, the most prestigious world tourist guide, has just declared the most desirable tourist destination in Europe.

- We need to recognize and appreciate part of our contemporaries. We need to be grateful to every individual who, through his work and relationship with the community, makes our city better. That is why, amongst other things, the City of Zagreb Award was founded, which is an expression of our immense gratitude and praise our fellow citizens for what they did for us and for our city - Bandic said from the Assembly Speaker.

In addition to Jakov Sedlara, the Zagreb City Awards were also presented to Auto Croatia, Vladimir Prelog, Vladimir Prelog, Zagreb Philharmonic, Academician Josip Božičević, Dr Dubravka Brezak Stamać, Dr. Mislav Grgić, Dr. Robert Kolundžić, Reverend Vladimir Magdić, Bozidar Petrač, academic painter Dimitri Popovic, Dr. Krešimir Rotim and Ivan Šikić.

Colleagues were addressed by the president of the republic Kolinda Grabar Kitarović. In addition to proposing the establishment of the Office of Croatian Solidarity at the Zagreb City Administration, he had grabbed the City of Zagreb and the current mayor as if voters had wanted to announce who to vote for the second round of elections.

She said that the unemployment rate in Zagreb from 7,4 was half the Croatian average, and recalled that Zagreb had the most beautiful Advent in Europe for two years after the polls and that we have now been welcomed by the most prominent world tourist guide as the most desirable European tourist destination. She also claimed that Zagreb lives in tourist superlative and that all those successes did not come by chance but were the fruit of the systematic work of the City Tourist Board, the City Hall, headed by the Mayor, but also by the citizens.

The President emphasized the demographic sensibility of the City of Zagreb, and in particular emphasized the importance of Zagreb for the preservation and promotion of national representativeness. She said she was glad that the monument to Nikola Šubić Zrinski was recently discovered and what plans to erect monuments to Croatia and Croatia's first President Franjo Tuđman were discovered.

He also noted how well-known projects the mayor planned, and pointed out that they were ambitious but viable programs for the future.

Finally, remind us that the City of Zagreb Award is awarded to the citizens of the City of Zagreb and to other people working in the City of Zagreb, working groups, companies, institutions, religious communities, civic associations and other legal entities for the highest merit and achieved results in theoretical and practical work in promoting science, economics, education, culture, arts, sports, health, social welfare and all other areas of social life in the City of Zagreb.

The award of the Zagreb Year was awarded to the citizens of the City of Zagreb who, by their actions, contributed significantly to the affirmation of women in society and the public, the affirmation of women's human rights and gender equality and achieved recognizable results in raising the quality of life of women in the City of Zagreb from economic, social, humanitarian and another point of view.

Both of these awards are therefore awarded at the City Hall's annual session, which is held annually on the City of Zagreb Day, 31. May