Ratko Maričić, source: Facebook

We discussed this morning with Ratko Maričić, a lawyer from the Party of Labor and Solidarity Milan Bandic, a deputy in the last convocation of the City Assembly, and who knows, perhaps a representative in the future. What is expected of Sunday's second round of local elections, what does Milan Bandic's campaign mean, and what about the Anke Mrak Taritaš campaign. Commented by Maričić and the polls that went into the first round at Bandic. Will the script and now repeat it ?!

What do you expect from the second round of elections?

I really expect that this time Bandic will win with a bigger difference than the surveys show, simply because his campaign, in fact, is what he did and what he did in the City of Zagreb is clearly visible. Promises on the other hand come, and those promises have only support in the way - we would like, I would, or, I would like, I would like to do it. I did not see something in the campaign that would be some of the backbone of some policy that might be in the future, and that it is a different policy from what has been done so far. For example, I saw that yesterday on a social example. "We will keep the social, but it will be a better partner" - it looks like that.

Polls - Bandic has a lot to do in the first round, how do you comment on it, whether it's setting or just a big mistake?

I'm not sure if the results of the polls are furniture, but they will certainly comment on the way - we are going against Bandic, it is important not to be him, no matter who he is. And that's something people notice. It is not just about how to strip Bandic, but the people want to see what will be after Milan Bandic. This is something that has not been said, it has not been said how it will be. There is one word they use - it will be transparent. I do not understand what has not been transparent so far ?! In addition to wanting to say that there are criminal offenses for which, to put it quite accurately in legal form, there are no more valid indictments.

Anka Mrak Taritaš Bandic calls for corruption and crime, but has herself a potential affair behind her that could quickly go through investigations?

It is clear that we can say to everyone that there are behind him some things that discredit him, but in the campaign run by Milan Bandic's Party there is no negative campaign. We believe that what some portals and some media are reporting that there are suspicious criminal acts on their side, that there is a justice in this country that can and must judge it, we are not dealing with it, nor do we want to enter it until the judiciary to make your award.

Using city tools for campaign - the official website of the City of Zagreb on Facebook is advertised with projects announced by Bandic in the campaign?

That would not really be right if that were the case, however, it is difficult to assess the role of the mayor and the role of the candidate for the mayor. On the other hand, it is also difficult for those who publish something on behalf of the City Administration when they publish about projects, and that this is not understood in any way as a campaign. Just those two things are hard to break.

Assembly - What do you expect, do you negotiate with whom?

Not. So far it was unreasonable to negotiate. First you need to jump. First, you have to wait Sunday, Sunday's results, then talk about how the Assembly will look like.