Workers Diokia in bankruptcy called on Wednesday to open an open letter to candidates for Zagreb's Milan Bandic and Anak Mrak Taritaš to report on "550 of deceased and deceitful workers claiming their unpaid wages and severance pay," Hina reports.

- In the name of deceased and deceived 550 workers Diokija, we expect your statement regarding workers who in their bankruptcy claim their unpaid wages and severance payments - said the Association of workers and former workers of Dioki Zagreb.

The announcement emphasizes that the City of Zagreb, despite written and oral requests, has denied the delay in payment of communal fees to Diokija, and charges interest and utility compensation from a company that no longer has any production, but only needs to cash out the property and pay off creditors.

It has been warned that paying more than two million kunas per year for communal fees prevents such a worker from paying off property that is not burdened with pledged rights.

The workers asked the candidates to declare whether they are at least a little solid with them and whether they would support the amendment of the Decision on Utility Remuneration, which would allow the companies in bankruptcy to postpone payment of that fee.

The city can be charged when selling land to which banks have pledged rights, but so far it has not shown solidarity and sensitivity to Diokia workers, the statement says.