Although the pre-election campaign is nearing its end as the Day of Decision approaches in the form of a second round of local elections, the campaign in Zagreb is as though not. Not too fierce even before the first round of elections, when there were a lot more candidates and lists competing for mayor position, city council seats or city councils and local councils. But now, after the first round, the campaign does not even exist.

Anka Mrak Taritaš most of your promotion has moved to social networks while it is Milan Bandic dealing with his usual mayor's jobs, of course, doubled, on moments and triples, but unapproachable at all, he would not "point out" that the last given election campaign for the main function in the capital of Croatia was in progress.

In the past few days, Milan Bandic, as the head of the same-named party, ie, as a candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, has been rare. But because of that, we got him as a current mayor, we said, doubled and tripled. It is always active, but at the time of the election campaign, literally, it suffers. In addition to quantum, in pre-election time, he raises the quality of his exhortations. Reduces the number of "greeting present" fields of which no one has any great benefits, which means that neither he (ultimately, in the elections) will benefit from them. That is why the number of terrains on which something is actually working is increased - a park is set up, some roads, decorative lights on the railway bridge, monuments, townhouses and the like.

On the other hand, Bandic's campaign is almost gone. He does not want to confront, does not respond to the protests from the opposite camp - at least not directly. The other story is a certain media that is very responsive to the prose. Not only that, it also points to criticism by means of the same, so I am prophesying itself.

Here and there are some paid ads, the City Administration website is tailored to the campaign in the sense that its mayoral projects are "screaming" from the cover page at the same time as its projects as a candidate for the mayor. And that's more or less, the other does not need it. He is the longest mayor of Zagreb, most of Zagreb citizens no longer remember how to live in Zagreb, but Bandic is not a mayor. In addition, he has his loyal voters who will go to the polls and vote for "his Bandic" and that axes from the sky fall. Ideologically neutral. But he is not neutral in the sense that he does not touch anything, that he does not belong to anyone. On the contrary, it is neutral in the sense that it is all about it and belongs to everyone, so it is not difficult to embrace it in any well with voices. He is good with Muslims, with Jews, Serbs, Bosniaks, Albanians, defenders, anti-fascists, Željko Markić and its association, with animal patrons, with entrepreneurs, tycoons, lawyers, poor, discouraged ...

He built this populism to such an extent that it can no longer be called populism. Because we put our hands on the heart, it was the election itself or not. Only to him, we said, at the time of election the courts and the promises doubled. Even after these elections, and after possible early parliamentary elections, he will be the same - to visit the whole city from morning till evening, socialize with defenders, anti-fascist fighters, Serbs, Roma, Muslims and Jews. It will open the works, close the roads and re-launch them, build and park the parks, fountains, greet the present on lunches, dinners and the like.

Anka Mrak Taritaš is tired. He went well, but he seemed to have remained without ideas and energy. Her initially good campaign blew like a balloon. From the streets of the campaign she moved to social networks, with concrete projects she started to list Bandits and talk that she would be better than him. And she started splitting. It is in many hated sentences of former President Kukurik's Cabinet Zoran Milanovic "Or me or they" has become her main post office - "Or me or he".

In a society full of divisions, in which every good-natured man of these divisions on the left and right, the Ustasha and the Partisans, the rich and the poor, the Zagreb and the Splinic, advanced and reversed, quite, she proceeded with a sentence that became a synonym of division in society.

At the same time, we said, campaigning as if she had fallen into a winter dream. He does not mention more restructuring of Holding, does not talk about the City of Zagreb budget and transparent spending of money, does not talk about projects such as solving the problems of waste, traffic, building new bridges across Save. He calls for a referendum against Bandic and talks - "Or me or he".

Bandic gathers, and Anka Mrak Taritaš shares. He often points out that the mayor of all Zagreb citizens is proud of Zagreb as a multiethnic, multiconfessional and multicultural city. She says "either me or he".

Who is this "us" and who "he" ?! Nor is the "we" in that story a great majority, nor is he "singular". "He" is the longest Zagreb mayor with all the constellation of people behind and with him, "he" is, whether or not to admit it, to the tissue of Zagreb, "he" is Kozari Bok, Kozari Putevi, "he" is Peščenica but and other parts of Zagreb. "He" is all the voters who vote for him and who are on the verge of allowing him a sixth consecutive term led by the main and largest city of Croatia. "We" are, by all means, all those who are against Bandic, who have been deprived of his rule and absolutism, his absurd projects and the fountain, his godfathers, and his relatives. But such, it seems, is not so much, or just does not go out to the polls. Why not go out, that's another problem. But the fact is that Bandic, along with the seven candidates who opposed him in the first round of elections, and was a very good company, succeeded in winning solid 30 votes. Hundreds of thousands of Zagrepčans voted for it.

Anka Mrak Taritaš calls for divisions. It is not, for example, to change the name of the Marshal Tito Square, and then he says - "Or me or he". Bandic, on the other hand, wants to resolve the "thing" with Tito by referendum. She does not even try to be the Mayor of all citizens of Zagreb, which Bandic tries to be, but wants to be a mayor of only one part of Zagreb, and she says it clearly. But this is not the way to the Mayor's position in Zagreb, where 16 is already the "mayor of all citizens".