Saturday, the day before the second round of local elections, runs without serious admission of violation of election silence, which began midnight on Friday, and ends on Sunday, 4. June, in 19 hours with the closing of the polls, conveyed by Hina.

The day is very calm, there are no more serious reports of silence being violated, they say in the State Election Commission, and as an example received, they mention a citizen's complaint that a promotional flyer was found in the mailbox.

Although its executive power in the second round is not chosen by all local units, the electoral silence applies to the whole country, all electoral constituencies and all media.

Eight counties, the city of Zagreb, which has the status of town and county, 54 City and 102 municipalities will choose on Sunday their county, mayors and mayors and their deputies.

The right voice has 2 million 791 thousand voters, and will be elected around 4500 polling stations.

Remember that the polls open at 7 hours and close at 19 hours when the first outbound polls will be published. The locals choose between the current mayor Milan Bandic and HNS candidates Anke Mrak Taritaš behind which the SDP and partner parties were still behind. For the HNS candidate this would be the first mandate at the head of Zagreb, and for the current mayor - the sixth.