Milan Bandic is still the mayor of Zagreb. It was never hard to beat it, but the uncertainty that came up with the first unofficial DIP results and the exit polls did not last long. To 21. Almost all votes have been counted on 30, and the current Mayor has won over 51 percent of votes. Anka Mrak Taritaš can only comfort him as no one has come so close to her. And for the defeat, he may thank his party chief Ivan Vrdoljak and his late-night tweets on the last day of the campaign, which has put the doubt among its voters.

20.00 According to the first unofficial results of the State Election Commission published in 20 hours, a dead race for the Mayor of Zagreb is taking place. Milan Bandic leads these results by Anku Mrak Taritaš for less than 1. As a small number of polling stations have been processed, this figure does not even indicate who will or remain the mayor of Zagreb. Unlike the previous May elections, the winner in the capital will not know before the dark.

20.15 after counting 40 percent of voter votes Bandic increased the advantage over the challenger to three percent. But that is less than all the election announcements have been announced.

20.30 The results of the DIPA have been a pleasure in Prague minute by minute, where the head of the current and future mayor is. After counting 88 percent of votes, Bandic leads with five percent vote. The dead race did not last long and Zagreb just before the 21 clock learned that it still had the same mayor.

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