Nenad Matić

We talked with Nenad Matić, leader of the Green List and Milan Bandic's coalition partner and his Party of Work and Solidarity. Matić tells us that such a result of the second round of local elections in Zagreb was expected because we had Bandic on the one hand behind which there were a large number, and another coalition that called for demolitions, calculations and divisions.

Milan Bandic once again won Zagreb, expected?
Well, the expected result, we knew that citizens would recognize the way that Milan Bandic had been held so far and give him confidence again. We in the Green List knew that because when I founded the party and when we talked about going to the coalition with Milan Bandic, we said that's because we want to participate in decision-making in the City of Zagreb, which can only be done with Milan Bandic. So, it is no surprise because we talked about it four months ago, but what is the fact is that Bandic was on one side with his coalition partners, and on the other hand there were eight parties who made the effort but failed because they were Zagreb they offered something there was no place for them - some calculations, it's time to get somebody out. Such a Zagrepčani dictionary does not want it, they are obviously excited about the campaign.

That is exactly what Bandic said in his address - that elections can not be won by divisions ?!
This is clearly the same campaign leader, Zoran Milanovic and Anke Mrak Taritaš, but the fact is that this is not a good model of work and that it is not well received by citizens of the City of Zagreb. What makes it even more important to this victory is quite a big deal. Still, analysts expected much less output, but it was great to give Billic an absolute legitimacy.

Assembly - with whom do you negotiate or will you negotiate ?!
As Bandic himself said, his job is to collect, collect, gather all the heads together to make some decisions as important projects in the City of Zagreb. The commencement of the work of the Assembly is the choice of its leadership, and this should be the 26 hand, which means that somehow you have to agree and agree. But I believe Milan Bandic will certainly have to think well and that, as far as most are concerned, it will succeed in gathering it.