With about six percent of the advantage over Ankar Mrak Taritaš, Milan Bandic won his sixth consecutive term at the helm of Zagreb. Although it was expected, the first polls did not give him a big advantage, but as the results from the margins of the metropolis, known as the "base" of Milan Bandic, arrived, it became clearer that nothing would change. Already around the 21 watch on journalists' mails, he has received a call from the City Administration with a list of grounds on which the new-mayor will go on Monday.

And so would. Already at seven o'clock in the morning Milan Bandic began its sixth mandate at the head of Zagreb, visiting the metropolis along and across. The first one was Ježdovečka Street, where the road construction is undergoing repairs.

A lot of journalists gathered in Ježdovac, but not because they were interested in the progress of works on the street, but because Bandic did not want to answer the journalist's questions after the announcement of the results on Sunday and after the victorious speech. He urged the journalists in Ježdovec and said he would respond there to everything he was asking.

And they asked him, for the alleged tax debt, "tough" 18 million kuna, and the concrete answer to that question did not come back, though, unlike the day before the election, did not threaten the lawsuits.

- I thought the pre-election campaign was over. There are no more 18 million kuna, no protesters on Savica, nor many other things, no sowing of illusions or promises, have won the Zagrepčani - Bandic said and added that he expected to win the elections because the Zagrebers have a clicker.

As in Sunday's speech after he came to his election staff, he was touched by the words of his counter-candidate in the second round, Anke Mrak Taritaš, who spoke - "Either me or he."

- When I was driving here I saw you crying "Or me or he. I said not to him, but to Zagreb together. It's funny, but that's more about them. I think that you cry will quickly disappear. My recommendation is not to be ashamed but to take it off quickly. If Zagreb or "Me or Me", then no one would come to Zagreb. Zagreb have built the sons and daughters of Croatian people since ever they came - Bandic concluded.

Bandic invited Bandic deputies back to the co-operation, repeating and is willing to give up any of the leaders in the town parliament only to make that cooperation possible.