Lovers of electronic music, lovers of trance, in the summertime will be able to enjoy the performance of one of the biggest DJs and producers of today. At the Club Gallery on Jarun on Friday, 25. August, comes great German DJ Paul van Dyk.

- Paul van Dyk's electronic music scene and music charts dominate the last 15 and more years. The world's most famous electronic music magazine, "DJ Magazin", has twice nominated him the best DJ in the world. He sold millions of albums around the world, and 2005. He is also nominated for the Grammy Award in the category of the best dance / electronic music album. As a producer, he collaborated with numerous musicians, from David Byrna to St. Etienne. He also co-operated with Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Depeche Mode, U2, Linkin Park and others - Paul van Dyck announces shortly on the Gallery's gallery page.

Unlucky, unfortunately, rarely have the opportunity to hear musicians in their town like it is Paul van Dyk. Zagreb is more focused on techno, psy and goa trance or house, drum and bass and dubstep. EDM, or in the case of Paul van Dyka, the commercial trance, in order to be "on the street", in Zagreb is poorly passed, so such musicians in Zagreb are rare. Recently, at the New Year, the Dutchman performed at the Zagreb Arena Armin van Buuren, and a number of other DJs from the record company "Armada" joined him. Before that, 2013. in the Jedinstvo Drive, performed Giuseppe Ottaviani, an Italian DJ from the record company "Vandit" owned by Paul van Dyk.

Now the Zagrebers will finally be able to enjoy the music and mix of this Berlin's great trance. We just hope this is the first in a series of Zagreb performances.