Marko Melčić, the source of Facebook HRT

Sunday's second round of local elections, results and recent events on the political scene of Zagreb and Our Beautiful, we have commented on SDP's Mark Melcic, known to have no hair in the language ...

How did you comment on the result (s) in Zagreb - Milan Bandic won the mayoral election, but his list was the best in the elections for the City Assembly ?!

Bandic was expected as well as his party. He had a trial version for parliamentary elections.

Why did Anka Mrak Taritaš downgrade or was it expected to have such a result?

It's a good result, do not miss it.

What has Anki Mrak Taritaš dismissed - a negative campaign that he began to lead somewhere around the first round of elections, or Vrdoljak's flirtation with HDZ?

SDP after the pest of Milanovic is not yet its own, and has not prepared for local elections after internal parties, HNS in Zagreb does not exist, and the way Vrdoljak behaved was very negative.

How much did she miss her negative campaign - "Or me or he"?


And afere - Gunja and so on?

In the affair the voters are lurking, and Gunja is far away in space and time.

What did Davor Bernardić ultimately achieve by supporting HNS's mayoral candidate, besides allowing HNS more seats in the City Assembly and councils of local committees and city districts?

He broke out of the election without a candidate being prepared and Anka Mrak Taritaš achieved a solid result. HNS returned to the City and it was a pure gift.

What is the future of Davor Bernardic after all - is there more and more of those who call for his dismissal and even from the ranks of the SDP's in Zagreb?

It will chair the SDP.

Is Bernardić a good President of the SDP for you?

Too early for evaluation, the most important thing is that he IS NOT ZOK !! Three more years, so we'll see the results.

What do you expect from the new mandate of Milan Bandic, the continuation of his rule in Zagreb?

As before, Milan does not change.

And that means?

Maybe make some successful and popular project such as Bundek, I assume a cable car.

And for the rest, what do you expect from the HNS - which is their destiny with regard to all events both local and national?

It will end like HSLS.