In his weekly winner speech, the new-mayor Milan Bandić announced that one Zagreb service would go down the price these days, and today he has discovered what he is doing. At all city pools (those managed by Sports facilities) ticket prices will be between 40 and 66 percent lower.

The new prices will be effective from tomorrow, which means that the daily ticket for city-based adult swimming pools will be cheaper with 20 at 10 kuna and at 25 on 15 kuna on weekends. For children, disabled persons and retirees, the price will be reduced by 15 on 5 kuna on weekdays and on 20 on 10 kuna on weekends. Monthly tickets will be upgraded to the 150 HRK for adults, ie, 100 HRK for children, retired and disabled. Annual tickets will be 1500, ie, 800 kuna, and annually for all 1600 and 900 kuna pools. Daily family ticket instead of the current 60 kuna will be 30 kuna.

He promised Bandic to conduct a survey to give citizens a say about the working hours of individual pools, in order to adapt working time to the needs of citizens. He also promised to introduce automatic billing.