And while 30 days from the second round of elections must be held the constitutive session of the City Assembly, thus, to 4. July, still does not know who will be sitting, ie, who will be the opposition, and who is the majority. We know that Milan Bandic with his list won the 14 seats in the Zagreb Parliament, one more than the SDP and HNS lists. Eight places won the list of Sandra Švaljek and HSLS, 7 of HDZ, 5 Brune Esih and 4 Initiative Zagreb is ours.

Milan Bandic after declaring victory in Sunday's elections, in his speech he invited all city representatives to co-operate in the Assembly regarding the city of important projects and promised to the assemblies and that he and his deputies would give up all the leading positions in the Assembly, therefore, presidential and vice-presidential posts, only to make this cooperation possible.

Probably a new-old mayor would not say so that the result of the election for the city parliament is a bit different. But no, not even with its former partner - HDZ, is not enough for most. Bandic and HDZ together have 21. which means they are missing at least five if they have the majority.

Where will they find them, we'll see. Sandra Švaljek i Darinko Kosor they claim that they will not be safe because they plan to be the strongest opposition to Milan and eliminate any possibility of co-operation with the mayor, even in the form of a coalition, agreement or individuals who could raise their hands for the Mayor's proposals.

- Dear media representatives, after the second round of elections for the mayor of Zagreb, we would like to point out that representatives of the Independent List of Sandra Švaljek and HSLS in the City Assembly will be a strong and determined opposition to Milan Bandic and his administration. We will continue to uncompromisingly represent the values ​​we emphasized in the Mayoral and City Assembly election campaign and oppose the existing mode of governance and rule of Zagreb - said Sandra Švaljek in a press release, and Darinko Kosor said at the press conference hour and a half after the press got the news.

Kosor suspects he will also leave with Bandic and HDZ Bruna Esih. Of its 5 MPs, Bandic and HDZ would have exactly 26 hands. But Bruno Esih and her team are still not sure how to set themselves up on this issue and do not want to find anything at all, but let's remind that the independent candidates' statements on this matter were, depending on the time, very different.

- I did not talk to anyone or anyone I do not want to talk to, so far, I can say that I will not be coalition with Milan Bandic after the election - Bruna Esih told Portal 30. March.

But that was just after he entered the Zagreb race. When it became clear that it would be a surprise for the election, it would be better than the HDZ Drage Prgometaand that he will also have a significant number of deputies to enter the City Assembly, changed his opinion on the possibility of cooperation with Bandic.

- There is time, we will see things will stand, we know what our attitudes are, therefore, we will not sell for armchairs and bats as they do other, but some conversations that would not only be possible with the goal of responsible politics but that is the reason why we have been running for both the Assembly and the Mayor. If you want to participate in politics, then you can not behave like a Living Wall and not sit with anyone - she told Forward Brunette Esih 23. May, but then sharply criticized Bandic's attitude towards the Marshal Tito Square.

- Anka Mrak Taritaš has said openly that he is not changing the name, and I appreciate it as an opinion on the other side, as a left-wing opinion. When she says it, her voters know that. So this is not my opinion, but I appreciate the woman's voice, and this when you try to be everything and like everyone, then you're nothing and nothing about me - Bruno Esih added to the 23 portal. May.

Darinko Kosor, even though he thinks that the assembly majority in the new convocation will be Bandic, HDZ and Bruno Esih, does not even remove the possibility that one of the disappointed left-wing individuals (supposing the SDP, op. Cit.) Supports Bandic.

- No, none of us will support Bandic, no chance. On the other hand, I think it will be interesting to see that Bandic will bring together the majority, and I think the work of the Assembly will be a bit different than in the previous convocation, that the decisions will not do exactly as Bandic wants and how he used to - said for Further Acting President of Zagreb SDP and Representative in the Future Assembly of Saša Molan Assembly.

Bandic, on the other hand, has a lot to do with what to market. As we know, just before the elections, the Zagreb Holding brought a new organization without systematization, which means opening up new employment opportunities in Holding. Of course, this does not mean that it will employ party support, but it does not mean that it will not, well we know how it was for the last convocation in a mega-city company that was employed by 150 people, mostly members of the parties whose assembly members lifted their hands for Bandic's proposals.