Robert Hirc

With Reformist Robert Hirc we have commented on current political events, both Zagreb and the national ...

Comment on Sunday's second round of local elections and Milan Bandic's victory in Zagreb?

Milan Bandic's victory for me was expected. I was expecting a little bit more difference, because this is how our research showed, but this result is respectable.

And how did that difference be less than your expectations, what did that affect?

This is not a big difference. Telephone surveys, especially if carried out on a relatively small sample, can lead to discrepancies. However, the final result has shown a significant advantage in favor of the old / new mayor.

Which, according to you, has defeated Anke Mrak Taritaš. Except, of course. the fact that Milan Bandic was voted more by people, but was it culminated by Vrdoljak's flirtation with the HDZ, or perhaps a negative campaign that he started to run just before the second round of elections?

I think that regardless of the recent events that made it difficult for him, the Milan Bandic's victory did not come into question at one point. But when you go to the election race, and she did it on time and in the way, somebody's feet are carrying a few iron balls, of course you can not run at the same speed. She was certainly hurt by her unstable position in the SDP, opposing one part of that party to support her candidacy, and even a silent or even boycott. The last and most powerful blow to her campaign was certainly hit by Ivan Vrdoljak. Do not forget that Mrs. Mrak Taritaš as party vice-president had to get the status of parliament by preferential voices twice. I read it as a desire of some people at the top of the party to either weaken or even remove it as a potentially intrinsic competition, and who knows who signs the election lists - the party's president.

And a negative campaign?

Negative campaign "Or me or he" was completely missed. I also think that a different choice of deputy would also be a good move. But one of her deputies was here.


Draženko Pandek was a candidate for deputy mayor appointed by SDP. Mrs Taritaš had to accept it as a condition for supporting SDP's candidacy.

When we have touched the national themes and Vrdoljak, how do you comment on the latest events on this topic - the unanimous HDZ Presidency on the HNS coalition, then rejecting HNS and Vrdoljak's resignation ?!

HDZ's position is quite different from HNS. The HDZ move is logical. It is in the interest of the country to ensure a stable government, as new country elections are not good. They also know that even in the new elections for HDZ the result in these circumstances can only be even better. HNS is in a completely different position. The power slump is tempting, but entering the coalition with the HDZ and the mandates won on the SDP joint list can not have any decent pronunciation. It just does not work. If Vrdoljak succeeded in his plan, the party would break up, and membership would blur. It would be better for the country to have HNS enter the government with HDZ, but for HNS it would mean clinical death. But the consequences will also be felt because of this internal conflict, because it is now clear to the public that part of the party, its leaders, and party organizations were to enter the HDZ government. The most dramatic consequences of that party will be felt in the Varaždin County, which was a coalition with HDZ.

Will Milan Bandic succeed in gathering the majority at the City Assembly, and who?

Mayor Bandic will gather a majority at the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb and I do not even think about it. Who will do that most, it's not up to me to announce.

HDZ, Bruna Esih ... ??

It will be known very quickly.