Milan Bandic

Who will be the Mayor of Milan Bandić to form the majority in the City Assembly and whether this majority will be a coalition right, or so-called occasional, from session to session - we will see in the coming days. Although in the media every one goes out of the way, albeit with a shake, information, all the kings have not yet arranged anything.

An Independent Candidate for Zagreb Mayor, Bruna Esih, whose list won the 5 mandate at the City Assembly, said today that Milan Bandic and his team has still not talked and that it is not true that Bandic will accept its condition regarding the change of the name of Marshal Tito Square.

- None of this is true. Milan Bandic's statements are based on optimism that I do not know where to find him because we did not conduct talks. I do not know what conditions are ready to accept, nor have I been able to present to him - Bruna Esih said.

The "assembly" of the majority in the City Assembly asked journalists and mayor Milan Bandic, who has traditionally been told, and has not found anything concrete.

- I have my own people for that. I'm leaving you. So where would I come to think about most? I'm from 2009. to 2013. I did not have anyone in the Assembly, so I'm 2013. got the fifth mandate. I would not want this to happen again, but if it did happen to be without the majority, I would do my job again, as I did without a single 2009 representative. to 2013. Do not Underline Bandic - Mayor Milan Bandić told reporters.

Then the mayor repeated once again that he and his deputies would give up the presidential and vice-presidential functions in the town parliament only in order for co-operation to be accomplished, that is to say, that the important projects of the city were going to him.

- All those who would like the city to go further will be in most of the Assembly. We do not need a president or vice-president of the Assembly in case we engage as many people in the Assembly as to be in the area of ​​responsibility and to help the development of the city. The Party of Labor and Solidarity as the first party to the Assembly renounces any of its officers for the broadest coalition in the Assembly. Nobody has ever done this or offered it. We can do it all, we can, when we want to - Bandic concluded.

Any support for Bandic in the Assembly on Tuesday is, as we recall, denied Sandra Švaljek i Darinko Kosor, whose list won eight seats. The same was done by the SDP, that is, HNS, and on the support of the Zagreb initiative our mayor certainly can not count.

Hence, the HDZ and Bruno Esih are available, with whom he has exactly the 26 hand he needs to have the majority. HDZ support does not seem to be questionable so it remains to be seen how Bruno Esih and her team will plead.