Tomislav Stojak

After weeks of speculation, newspaper writings and numerous spinots, after two days of marathon talks within HNS - that party will nevertheless go into a coalition with HDZ. Although on Tuesday it seemed that none of these, despite all the members of the HDZ presidency being "marrying" with HNS, was rejected by the party. But on Thursday, there was a (no) expected turnaround - the HNS Central Committee issued a different decision from the Presidency and decided for an unnatural coalition for many.

Candidate for Zagreb Mayor Anka Mrak Taritaš, as she had announced, voted against the coalition, but unlike her, the coalition was former and future Assembly Representative of HNS Tomislav Stojak.

Although he joined the Assembly on Anka Mrak Taritaš's list, he voted against him, voted for a coalition with HDZ. And not only that, as we learn, Stojkov held at the Central Committee session and talked about why his party should coalesce with HDZ and rescue the government Andreja Plenković.

Interestingly, Tomislav Stojak imposed himself as a fiery critic of politics Milan Bandic in Zagreb, as a critic of his Zagreb coalition with the HDZ - and now supports not only the HDZ government, but also the HDZ government already supported by Milan Bandic.

Will the newly-created love now flow to the local-Zagreb level, many revolted HNS leaders are questioning who strongly opposed this, and by them, an unnatural coalition ?! Milan Bandic will, in all respects, continue the fruitful cooperation with the HDZ in the parliament of Zagreb, so it is to be expected that the HNS men mentioned that Bandić and Prgomet's team join Tomislav Stojak.

And he could, because as we learn, he would remain alone. The HNS plans to establish its own Club of Representatives in the Assembly (without their partner SDP), but there will be no place for Stojak.